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7 Alternatives to Join My Band for Musicians Looking to Find Jamming Partners

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-15 00:59:03

Are you looking for a website like Join My Band, where you can find local musicians for your projects or join a band or ensemble? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of similar websites that offer similar services. Whether you are a singer looking for a band or a music producer looking to collaborate, these websites will help you find the perfect match. So let’s get started!

Join My Band is an online platform designed to help musicians, bands and music lovers find each other and create amazing music together. With its simple yet powerful search engine, you can find musicians, bands and collaborators in your area, browse profiles and connect with them.


  • Comprehensive member database with filters to easily find the right match
  • Secure messaging system to communicate with potential band mates
  • Private and public profiles to showcase your style of music
  • Detailed search engine to find musicians and bands by location, instrument type and genre
  • Calendar and event tracking to stay on top of your band’s activities

Join My Band Alternatives


Musopen is a non-profit online library of historical music, offering free public domain sheet music, recordings, and music education resources. Musopen provides access to music scores and recordings, ranging from classical to jazz to contemporary, that are completely free and legal to download.

Allows for musicians to collaborate on music

Musopen focuses on classical music, while Join My Band focuses on all genres of music

Is Musopen a good alternative?


GigFaster is a modern HR software designed to help growing teams manage their employees and resources more efficiently. Our integrated platform combines HR, payroll, and benefits in one powerful solution.

Allows musicians to connect, collaborate and find gigs

GigFaster focuses on finding gig opportunities, while Join My Band focuses on collaboration

Is GigFaster a good alternative?


JamTracks is a platform for music lovers to access a large library of professionally recorded backing tracks and jam along with them in real-time.

Allows for musicians to collaborate on music

JamTracks focuses on creating music supporting tracks, while Join My Band focuses on collaborations

Is JamTracks a good alternative?


Bandmix is an online music network and marketplace connecting professional musicians with music fans and industry professionals. It provides opportunities for music fans to connect with their favorite artists, explore and discover new music, and network with other music lovers.

Allows for musicians to collaborate and find gig opportunities

BandMix focuses more on finding band members, while Join My Band focuses on collaborations

Is Bandmix a good alternative?

Indie on the Move

Indie on the Move is a website dedicated to helping independent musicians reach new audiences and book gigs. Through features like performance listings, a venue database, artist profiles, and press coverage opportunities, Indie on the Move makes it easy for artists to launch and maintain successful careers.

Allows for musicians to collaborate and find gig opportunities

Indie on the Move focuses on booking gigs, while Join My Band focuses on collaborations

Is Indie on the Move a good alternative?

Ultimate Band List

Ultimate Band List provides a comprehensive database of bands and artists for users to explore. It contains the latest news, reviews, and interviews from the music world, as well as detailed information about each artist, including discographies and tour dates.

Allows for musicians to collaborate and find gig opportunities

Ultimate Band List focuses on creating and discovering bands, while Join My Band focuses on collaborations

Is Ultimate Band List a good alternative?


Fandalism is a music collaboration platform that connects musicians from around the world. It allows them to collaborate, share music, get feedback, and create connections.

Allows for musicians to collaborate and find gigs

Fandalism focuses on connecting musicians, while Join My Band focuses on collaborations

Is Fandalism a good alternative?

History of Join My Band

Join My Band is an online platform that connects musicians around the world. It was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing a place to bring together musicians of all levels and styles to collaborate and create music together. It has since grown to be one of the largest online communities of musicians and is used by thousands of musicians on an everyday basis. It provides an easy-to-use platform for musicians to find and connect with other musicians, as well as share and promote their music.

Join My Band Status

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  • Does signing up with all these websites mean I'm forming an orchestra?

    2023-03-04 13:01:20 ·
  • So glad these websites are here to help my band get off the ground... now if only I had a band!

    2023-05-22 13:23:24 ·
  • I'm signing up with all these websites - I just need to find some bandmates to join me!

    2023-06-09 23:38:18 ·
  • Who knew there were so many websites like "Join My Band"? I'm in a band now - of one!

    2023-09-16 23:00:42 ·
  • I'm ready to rock the world - one website at a time!

    2023-09-30 20:56:43 ·
  • I'm ready to find some new bandmates - do I need to join all these websites?

    2023-10-16 01:42:59 ·
  • Wow, so many websites like "Join My Band" - now I just need to find time to try them all out!

    2023-12-03 20:37:19 ·