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5 Alternative Job Portals to JobStreet for Job Seekers

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-07 06:29:54

Are you looking for a job but don't know where to start? Don't worry, you are not alone! JobStreet, a popular online job portal, has helped thousands of job seekers, but it's not the only one out there. To help you find the perfect job, here is a list of similar websites like JobStreet that can help you with your job search. From job aggregators to industry-specific job boards, these websites have been carefully curated to provide you with the best job search experience possible. So, get ready to start your job hunt!

JobStreet is a leading online job search platform in Malaysia. It offers job seekers a comprehensive range of postings from employers, recruiters and staffing agencies from around the world.


  • Search for jobs in Malaysia or other countries.
  • Create a profile to be seen by employers.
  • Receive job alerts for new postings.
  • Connect with employers and recruiters.
  • Apply for jobs directly from the platform.
  • Download job postings as PDF files.
  • Save job searches for easy access.

JobStreet Alternatives


Indeed is a global job search engine that connects job seekers to millions of job opportunities from thousands of websites, including job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while Indeed's job postings are global.

Is Indeed a good alternative?


Glassdoor is a job and recruiting site that offers an inside look at jobs and companies. It includes salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easier for job seekers to find the right job.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while Glassdoor's job postings are global.

Is Glassdoor a good alternative?


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 630 million members. It is the best place to build relationships, discover opportunities, and gain insights to help you succeed. LinkedIn allows users to network with other professionals, find jobs, develop their careers, and build their personal brands.

Both websites allow job seekers to upload their resume and search for jobs.

JobStreet offers job postings from employers, while LinkedIn focuses on connecting employers and job seekers.

Is LinkedIn a good alternative?


Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need great people. Quickly and easily find the right jobs and employees with our powerful search tools, comprehensive databases, and intuitive job matching technologies.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while Monster's job postings are global.

Is Monster a good alternative?


CareerBuilder is an online job search and career resource center. It provides job postings, resume writing services, and career advice to help job seekers find their perfect career path. It also offers an array of tools to help employers find the right candidates for their open positions.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while CareerBuilder's job postings are global.

Is CareerBuilder a good alternative?


ZipRecruiter is a powerful recruiting platform that makes it easy to find, screen, and hire the right job candidates in no time. With their intuitive job search tools, comprehensive candidate database, and efficient communication methods, ZipRecruiter makes it possible to find, contact, and hire the best potential employees quickly and easily.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while ZipRecruiter's job postings are global.

Is ZipRecruiter a good alternative?


Guru is an online freelance marketplace which connects employers with expert freelancers from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a web developer, content writer, app developer, or anything else, Guru makes it easy to get your project done quickly, affordably, and with the highest quality results.

Both websites offer job postings from employers and allow job seekers to upload their resume.

JobStreet focuses on job postings in Southeast Asia, while Guru's job postings are global.

Is Guru a good alternative?


Kalibrr is a job search platform that connects employers and job seekers in the Philippines. It provides job seekers with access to thousands of the latest job openings, while employers can search for, attract and hire the right talent. Kalibrr also offers tools to help employers build their employer brand, and recruiters and HR professionals to manage the recruitment process.

Both JobStreet and Kalibrr are websites used to help job seekers find employment.

JobStreet is a general job search platform while Kalibrr specializes in helping people build their career paths.

Is Kalibrr a good alternative?

JobStreet Head-To-Head

When it comes to finding a job, there are many websites available to help job seekers in their search. One of the most popular job search platforms is JobStreet, but how does it compare to other sites? In this article, we will be doing a head-to-head comparison of JobStreet with other websites and exploring which one offers the best features for job seekers. We will look at the different aspects of each website from cost and ease of use to search functions and user experience. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at JobStreet and its competitors!


JobStreet and Indeed are both popular job search websites, but they offer different features to help users find the right job. JobStreet is an Asia-based job website that offers a suite of tools to assist job seekers in their search; these include the Job Alerts feature which notifies users when new positions matching their criteria become available, and the Salary Benchmark tool which allows users to compare salaries for similar positions across different countries. Indeed is a US-based website which offers its own suite of job search tools such as its Resume Builder, which helps candidates create professional resumes and stand out from other applicants, and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which uses natural language processing (NLP) to match jobs with user profiles. Both sites have easy-to-use navigation and allow users to filter jobs by location, salary range, industry, company size and more. In addition, JobStreet provides career advice articles while Indeed allows employers to post reviews about their experience working with potential hires.


JobStreet and Kalibrr are both job-search websites available to job seekers and employers. JobStreet has been around since 1997, while Kalibrr was launched in 2013. Both websites offer a range of features for job seekers such as creating a profile, applying for jobs, receiving updates on job postings, and managing applications. For employers, both websites provide services such as creating company profiles, posting job listings, searching for potential candidates, automating recruitment processes, and tracking applicant performance. In addition to these similar features, JobStreet also offers personalized advice from career experts and resume building tools. On the other hand, Kalibrr includes features such as AI-powered search algorithms that match qualified candidates with open positions in real-time and the ability to advertise jobs through social networks like Facebook. Both platforms allow users to access their services through an online website or mobile app.


JobStreet and LinkedIn are both websites providing job search and recruitment services. JobStreet is targeted towards employers in Southeast Asia, while LinkedIn caters to a more global market. JobStreet allows employers to post jobs, browse through candidate profiles, and use other tools to narrow down their selection process. It also allows employers to rate candidates based on criteria such as communication skills and attitude. LinkedIn provides a professional network for recruiters and job seekers alike, allowing them to connect with each other and exchange information about job postings, experience, and contacts. Both sites offer a wide range of tools for employers including resume searching, applicant tracking systems, interview scheduling, employer reviews and much more. However, the main difference between the two sites is that JobStreet focuses on Southeast Asian employers while LinkedIn is open to all employers around the world. Additionally, JobStreet has an established reputation in the region while LinkedIn has become increasingly popular globally over recent years.


JobStreet and Monster are both websites that help users find job opportunities. JobStreet allows users to search for jobs, post resumes, and create alerts for new job openings that match their criteria. With these services, users can apply for jobs directly from the website. Monster provides similar services such as searching for jobs, creating a profile and resume, and setting up job alerts. It also offers career resources such as online courses and advice from career experts. Both websites have mobile apps to help users search for jobs on the go. JobStreet has additional features such as a salary report to research salary levels in different industries, while Monster has an employer directory to help users find potential employers.

History of JobStreet

JobStreet is an online job search website founded in 1997 in Malaysia. It quickly expanded across Asia and offers job postings, job search tools, and resume writing services to employers and job seekers. It offers services in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. JobStreet is one of the most popular job search websites in the region and continues to grow and expand its services.

JobStreet Status

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