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5 Alternatives to Jacquie Lawson for Fun Interactive Greeting Cards

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-27 18:27:16

Do you love Jacquie Lawson's whimsical animations and interactive cards? Well, you're not alone! Jacquie Lawson's online cards and games have been delighting people around the world for years. But if you're looking for something a little different, don't worry - there are plenty of other websites that offer similar services. From illustrated cards and games to animated stories, here's a list of fantastic sites like Jacquie Lawson.

Jacquie Lawson


Jacquie Lawson is a leading provider of beautiful eCards and online greeting cards. With over 1 million eCards sent each month, Jacquie Lawson has become a well-known and trusted provider of quality eCards.


  • Large selection of high-quality eCards
  • Personalize cards with photos, music, and more
  • Create an account to save favorite cards
  • Send eCards directly to recipients’ email inboxes
  • Track delivery of cards and view past sends
  • Create custom animated videos and postcards

Jacquie Lawson Alternatives

Hallmark eCards

Hallmark eCards provides visitors with a wide selection of electronic greeting cards that can be sent to friends and family. There are cards for any occasion, whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous, or just to say hello.

Both websites offer a variety of beautiful animated ecards for different occasions and holidays.

Hallmark eCards is a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson offers free ecards to send.

Is Hallmark eCards a good alternative?

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain offers online greeting cards with thoughtful messages and beautiful designs created by a team of professional artists. They offer a wide range of classic and modern designs, including occasion-specific cards, personalized cards, photo cards and more.

Blue Mountain offers a variety of high-quality ecards, similar to Jacquie Lawson.

Blue Mountain offers a larger selection of ecards than Jacquie Lawson, but does not offer any subscription services.

Is Blue Mountain a good alternative?

American Greetings

American Greetings offers a variety of unique, thoughtful, and heartfelt greeting cards, ecards, and gifts that are perfect for every occasion. With a wide selection of card and gift styles, American Greetings has something special for everyone.

American Greetings offers a wide selection of ecards for all occasions, similar to Jacquie Lawson.

American Greetings offers a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson does not.

Is American Greetings a good alternative?

123Greetings is the best site for sending free online egreetings and ecards to your loved ones. The site has wonderful cards for every occasion like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, get well, pets, everyday events, friendship, family, flowers, stay in touch, thank, congrats and funny ecards.

Both websites offer ecards for different occasions and holidays.

123greetings offers a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson does not.

Is 123Greetings a good alternative?


Punchbowl is a digital invitation and greeting card service that makes it easy to create and send custom invitations and greeting cards. It is a simple, fast and secure way to get your invitations and cards out in a timely manner.

Punchbowl offers a variety of ecards for different occasions and holidays, similar to Jacquie Lawson.

Punchbowl also offers a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson does not.

Is Punchbowl a good alternative?


Evite is an online invitation and event planning service that helps you create digital invitations, track RSVPs, manage guest lists, and more.

Both websites offer ecards for a variety of occasions and holidays.

Evite offers a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson does not.

Is Evite a good alternative?


Smilebox is a web-based service for creating and sharing online digital invitations, collages, and slideshows. The service offers a wide range of customizable templates for creating cards, collages, and slideshows for all occasions. Users can easily upload photos and personalize their designs with text, music, and graphics.

Smilebox offers a variety of ecards for different occasions, similar to Jacquie Lawson.

Smilebox offers a subscription service, while Jacquie Lawson does not.

Is Smilebox a good alternative?

History of Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson is an online e-card and animation website that was founded in 2000. It began as a small enterprise selling high-quality greeting cards, but over time it has grown to include a wide range of animations, games, and puzzles. The website has become a major destination for online entertainment and is now used by millions of people around the world.

Jacquie Lawson Status

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    2023-03-18 14:14:39 ·
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    2023-04-14 04:09:51 ·
  • Who knew there were so many Jacquie Lawson doppelgangers!

    2023-04-17 19:04:46 ·
  • It's like a buffet of Jacquie Lawson websites!

    2023-05-20 12:16:55 ·
  • This list is great! Now I can get my Jacquie Lawson fix from any number of sources!

    2023-10-12 00:59:44 ·
  • Well, looks like I won't be running out of cards anytime soon!

    2023-10-31 10:46:07 ·
  • This is like a game of Jacquie Lawson roulette!

    2023-12-21 01:09:43 ·
  • Wow, Jacquie Lawson must have a lot of clones!

    2023-12-29 22:14:03 ·
  • So many choices, so little time!

    2024-05-10 05:22:13 ·
  • Time to try them all!

    2024-05-15 11:45:41 ·