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10 Great Alternatives To ITProTV For IT Professionals

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-01 21:56:28

Are you looking for an alternative to ITProTV to learn new IT skills? Finding the right online IT training platform can be overwhelming. To help you decide which platform is best for your learning needs, we have put together a list of similar websites like ITProTV. These websites offer a wide range of IT courses and tutorials to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to stay up to date on the latest technology. Find out more about these websites and decide which one is right for you.



ITProTV is an online learning platform that provides IT and cyber security training for professionals to help them gain the knowledge and certifications they need to succeed in their career. With over 500 hours of video-based training, ITProTV offers comprehensive courses and certification preparation for IT professionals.


  • Over 500 hours of video-based training
  • Comprehensive courses and certification preparation
  • Access to experts for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Live broadcasts with industry professionals
  • Flexible learning plans and study materials
  • Access to online resources and practice exams

ITProTV Alternatives


Pluralsight is a leading online learning platform that provides professional IT and creative skills training to individuals, teams, and businesses. With Pluralsight, you can develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Both offer an extensive library of IT-related courses and tutorials.

Pluralsight offers more in-depth courses on a wider range of topics, while ITProTV provides shorter video tutorials on specific topics.

Is Pluralsight a good alternative?


Udemy is an online learning platform where users can take courses on various topics, including programming, marketing, and design. With more than 100,000 courses and over 15 million students, Udemy is one of the largest online learning sites.

Both offer a variety of IT courses and tutorials.

Udemy focuses more on the basics and fundamentals of IT topics, while ITProTV is more advanced and specialized.

Is Udemy a good alternative?

Lynda is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. With a subscription, members receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials.

Both offer an extensive library of IT-related courses and tutorials. provides more in-depth courses, while ITProTV focuses more on shorter video tutorials.

Is Lynda a good alternative?


Coursera is an online learning platform offering thousands of courses from top universities and companies. Coursera offers free courses in a variety of topics, including computer science, business, social sciences, and more.

Both offer online courses and tutorials in the field of IT.

Coursera offers a wider range of courses, while ITProTV focuses more on IT certifications and career development.

Is Coursera a good alternative?


Treehouse is an online technology school offering courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development taught by expert instructors.

Both offer online IT courses and tutorials.

Treehouse provides more entry-level courses, while ITProTV offers more advanced and specialized courses.

Is Treehouse a good alternative?


edX is a leading online learning platform that offers high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. With more than 2,500 courses from 140 institutions, edX provides a wide range of courses from introductory level to advanced, including classes in computer science, business, data science, engineering, and more.

Both offer online IT courses and tutorials.

edX offers a wider range of courses from different universities, while ITProTV focuses more on IT certifications and career development.

Is edX a good alternative?

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. It offers thousands of free online courses, lessons and practice exercises in a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, computer programming and more.

Both offer online IT courses and tutorials.

Khan Academy focuses more on the basics and fundamentals of IT topics, while ITProTV is more advanced and specialized.

Is Khan Academy a good alternative?

A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is an online learning platform specializing in cloud computing training. With over 1,000 courses and 50,000 students, A Cloud Guru is the leading cloud computing training platform.

Both websites provide online video training courses for IT professionals.

ITProTV focuses on IT infrastructure topics, while A Cloud Guru focuses more on cloud-based topics.

Is A Cloud Guru a good alternative?

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets provides on-demand IT training videos and courses to help IT professionals stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices.

Both ITProTV and CBT Nuggets are online learning platforms for gaining technical skills.

ITProTV focuses on IT certifications, while CBT Nuggets offers courses in a range of topics from programming to business skills.

Is CBT Nuggets a good alternative?


Cybrary is the world's largest online cyber security and IT learning platform. Cybrary offers free and paid courses and certifications in a wide range of topics, including IT, cyber security, cloud computing, networking, and more.

Both websites offer online IT and cybersecurity certification courses.

ITProTV offers a subscription-based model whereas Cybrary uses a free online platform.

Is Cybrary a good alternative?

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides on-demand access to the world’s largest library of professional development and training solutions. With over 16,000 courses and tutorials, LinkedIn Learning has something for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Both ITProTV and LinkedIn Learning offer online courses and certifications for professionals.

ITProTV is focused on technology-related topics, while LinkedIn Learning offers a more comprehensive range of topics.

Is LinkedIn Learning a good alternative?

ITProTV Head-To-Head

Welcome to our comparison of ITProTV and other online learning websites. We will be discussing the various features offered by ITProTV, as well as how it stacks up against its competitors. We'll provide you with an overview of each website's offerings, and a few key points to help you decide which one best suits your needs. We hope that this guide helps you easily find the right site for your IT training needs.

A Cloud Guru

ITProTV and A Cloud Guru are both dedicated to helping IT professionals attain the necessary skills to be successful in their careers. Both websites offer a variety of course topics, as well as video-based instruction, hands-on labs, practice exams, and certifications. ITProTV is geared towards more entry level professionals who are looking to learn the basics of a given subject. It offers courses on various topics such as networking fundamentals, security basics, and cloud computing. Each course contains comprehensive video lectures that break down the material into easy-to-understand components. It also offers hands-on labs to help users gain real world experience with the concepts they’ve learned in the lectures. A Cloud Guru is more advanced than ITProTV and focuses more on specific technologies. The courses offered focus on topics such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, Kubernetes and DevOps. The video lectures cover everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace. A Cloud Guru also offers hands-on labs so users can practice what they’ve learned throughout their coursework. Additionally, it also provides practice exams so students can test their knowledge before taking official certification tests.

CBT Nuggets

ITProTV and CBT Nuggets are both online learning platforms that provide users with access to a library of tech-related training courses. ITProTV offers live streaming and on-demand courses with interactive content such as quizzes, flashcards, and other resources. It also provides additional features such as active mentorship, practice exams, and personalized study plans. The topics covered by ITProTV include cloud computing, cybersecurity, networking, project management, software development, and more. CBT Nuggets offers on-demand courses with searchable transcripts for quick navigation of the material. It provides downloadable exercise files so users can follow along with the training as well as certification exam simulators to help them prepare for tests. Topics offered by CBT Nuggets include cloud computing, data science, DevOps, IT fundamentals, programming languages and more.


ITProTV and Cybrary are two websites that offer online IT training courses. Both websites include free access to some of their courses, as well as a variety of premium courses with more in-depth features. ITProTV offers over 500 hours of video content across its library, covering topics on Windows Server, CISSP, CompTIA Network+, AWS Cloud Security, and much more. Its interactive platform allows users to ask questions and get answers from experts in real time. It also offers hands-on labs to help learners master the skills they are studying. Cybrary has an extensive library with over 850 hours of content that covers topics like cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobile development and more. Learners can also join its online community to learn from peers or mentors in the field. Additionally, it provides tailored learning paths for students who want to specialize in certain areas such as ethical hacking or certified information security systems professional (CISSP). In conclusion, both ITProTV and Cybrary provide quality resources for those interested in learning about technology subjects. However, the differences between them may make one option better suited than the other - depending on an individual's learning needs.

LinkedIn Learning

ITProTV and LinkedIn Learning are two online resources that offer extensive training courses in a variety of technical topics. Both websites provide users with access to high quality educational content, but ITProTV is unique in its approach of combining video instruction with interactive tools such as quizzes, exercises, and hands-on practice. ITProTV offers courses on topics such as IT certification, cloud computing, cybersecurity, DevOps, databases, and more. The videos are taught by certified experts who also have experience in the industry. It also features live streams from top industry professionals for a more engaging learning experience. LinkedIn Learning provides users with access to thousands of courses covering topics like business skills, software development, creative design and more. Its user-friendly platform allows learners to easily browse through the library of available courses and track their progress on individual lessons or entire classes. It also offers bonus materials such as exercise files and lecture slides to supplement the video lectures. In terms of convenience, both websites offer mobile apps that allow students to view course material on their phones or tablets while they are away from their computer. Additionally, ITProTV allows users to access courses offline via mobile devices while LinkedIn Learning requires an internet connection for streaming video lessons.


ITProTV and Pluralsight are both online learning platforms that offer users a variety of courses in technology and IT topics. Both platforms have thousands of hours of content in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, networking, operating systems, application development, and more. ITProTV has a comprehensive library of courses with over 500 hours of video training taught by industry experts. It also offers interactive labs to allow users to practice their new skills in a safe environment. Additionally, ITProTV offers certification prep courses where users can prepare for various exams including CompTIA, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA), Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE certifications, GSEC certifications and more. Pluralsight also offers a wide range of courses on technology and IT topics with over 7500 hours of content from top tech companies like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more. It offers various learning paths that provide guidance to get the most out of each course. Pluralsight also has interactive coding exercises to help users put their newly acquired skills into action without leaving the platform. Furthermore it gives its members access to an expansive library of books for further reading or reference material related to the topic they are studying.


ITProTV and Udemy are both online learning platforms that offer an array of courses for people to further their knowledge in the IT field. Both websites have a variety of different topics available including security, certifications, data storage, programming languages, and more. ITProTV focuses primarily on IT-related topics such as coding and networking; however, it also offers some business courses as well. The platform includes practice exams and lab simulations as part of the learning experience with new content released every day. It also has a personalized dashboard feature where users can keep track of their progress. Udemy offers courses on a range of topics including design, development, marketing, photography, health & fitness, music & audio production and many more. Each course is taught by an expert instructor and includes a variety of interactive features such as quizzes and reviews from other students who have taken the course. Udemy also allows users to access courses from any device which makes it convenient for people who are always on the go. Overall both websites offer a great way for individuals to expand their knowledge in the IT field and beyond; however they cater to different types of learners depending on their specific needs.

History of ITProTV

ITProTV is an online learning platform for information and technology professionals launched in 2010. It provides on-demand video and interactive content designed to help IT professionals stay up to date on the latest technology. The content is delivered through a variety of online learning formats such as live streaming broadcasts, interactive labs, and on-demand video courses. The platform also offers certification training and professional development opportunities.

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