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5 Alternatives to InsideIIM for MBA Admissions Resources

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-20 14:17:53

Are you looking for content similar to InsideIIM? Whether you are researching career advice, exploring the latest trends in the job market, or simply looking for interesting stories, here is a list of websites like InsideIIM. These websites provide similar content on career guidance, MBA admissions, and other topics related to the corporate world. Read on to discover the top five sites for career guidance, MBA admissions, and other career-related topics.



InsideIIM is a career coaching and early stage recruitment platform for students and professionals. The platform offers personalized career coaching, career guidance, and early stage recruitment solutions to help individuals identify and reach their career goals.


  • Personalized career coaching
  • Career guidance
  • Early stage recruitment solutions
  • Online courses & webinars
  • Job search & application support

InsideIIM Alternatives

MBA Crystal Ball

MBA Crystal Ball is a comprehensive resource created to help MBA and other graduate applicants, current students and alumni make informed decisions about their educational and career paths.

Both websites provide insights and advice for MBA applicants

MBA Crystal Ball offers greater detail on the MBA admissions process and provides tools to help applicants assess their chances of admission

Is MBA Crystal Ball a good alternative?

The MBA Exchange

The MBA Exchange is an industry leader in helping business school applicants gain admission to the MBA program of their choice. With a team of experienced consultants, The MBA Exchange provides comprehensive, personalized services to each of their clients.

Both websites provide advice and consulting services for MBA applicants

The MBA Exchange has a specialized team of consultants to guide applicants through the admissions process

Is The MBA Exchange a good alternative?

The Economist MBA Admissions Guide

The Economist offers an insider’s guide to the MBA admissions process, giving MBA aspirants the tools they need to excel in their applications and get accepted to their dream business schools. With advice on crafting a compelling essay, identifying the right school, and preparing for the interview process, The Economist’s MBA Admissions Guide is the perfect resource for any MBA applicant.

Both websites provide advice and guidance for MBA applicants

The Economist MBA Admissions Guide provides a comprehensive list of MBA programs and detailed information on the admissions process

Is The Economist MBA Admissions Guide a good alternative?

The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour provides MBA candidates with the opportunity to connect in-person with business schools from around the world. Attendees have the chance to meet with admissions directors, alumni, and other MBA candidates who have taken the same journey.

Both websites provide advice and resources for MBA applicants

The MBA Tour offers virtual and in-person events and access to top business schools worldwide

Is The MBA Tour a good alternative?

The MBA Project

The MBA Project is a comprehensive resource for MBA admissions. It offers advice on everything from selecting the right school to writing a competitive essay and navigating the MBA admissions process.

Both websites provide advice and resources for MBA applicants

The MBA Project offers personalized services ranging from strategy development to essay review and interview preparation

Is The MBA Project a good alternative?

MBA Admissions Advisors

MBA Admissions Advisors offers expert advice and guidance for MBA applicants. We help you create a unique and strategically tailored application that stands out from the competition. Our experienced team provides personalized consulting services to ensure your success.

Both websites provide advice and resources for MBA applicants

MBA Admissions Advisors offers comprehensive admissions consulting services, including school selection, resume building, essay review, and interview preparation

Is MBA Admissions Advisors a good alternative?

MBA Admit

MBA Admit offers personalized, hands-on admissions consulting services to get you into the best MBA programs. Our team has helped hundreds of applicants get accepted to their dream schools. We provide customized, comprehensive guidance to all types of applicants, from those with high GMAT scores to those with non-traditional backgrounds and everything in between.

Both websites provide advice and resources for MBA applicants

MBA Admit provides personalized consulting services, including resume building, essay review and mock interviews

Is MBA Admit a good alternative?

History of InsideIIM

InsideIIM is an online platform that provides career advice to students and professionals. Founded in 2013, it has grown to become a popular resource for aspirants looking for knowledge, guidance and support in making informed decisions about their career. Through a wide range of content, tools, and services, InsideIIM empowers individuals to take charge of their career and discover their true potential.

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