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8 Alternatives to Incognito for Anonymous Web Browsing

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-08 10:16:10

Are you looking for websites similar to the popular Incognito website? If so, you're in luck! Here is a list of websites that offer similar services to Incognito. From anonymous browsing to private networks, these websites will help you stay secure and anonymous while you browse the internet. Read on to discover the best sites like Incognito to keep your internet activity private.

Incognito is an open-source privacy platform that enables users to securely store and manage their personal data and use it to interact with services and applications in total privacy. It is built on a decentralized network of nodes, meaning that the data is encrypted and stored securely in a distributed network of computers.


  • Encrypted data storage
  • Private transactions
  • Privacy-preserving messaging
  • Decentralized identity
  • Private data sharing

Incognito Alternatives


Tor is an open source network that provides free software and tools to help users protect their privacy and security online. It is designed to make it difficult for an adversary to track internet activity.

Both Incognito and Tor provide anonymity and privacy to users browsing the internet.

Tor is free, open source software, whereas Incognito is a paid service.

Is Tor a good alternative?


Brave is a fast, secure, and private web browser that blocks ads and trackers. It puts users in control of their online experience by providing them with a private and secure way to browse the web.

Both Incognito and Brave offer private and secure browsing.

Brave blocks ads and trackers by default, while Incognito requires users to manually set up these features.

Is Brave a good alternative?

Firefox Private Browsing

Firefox Private Browsing is a free web browser from Mozilla that helps keep your browsing activity private and secure from prying eyes. It stops websites from tracking your online behavior and stops advertisers from showing you targeted ads.

Both Incognito and Firefox Private Browsing offer protection from tracking cookies and browsing history.

Incognito provides additional features such as secure encryption, while Firefox Private Browsing does not.

Is Firefox Private Browsing a good alternative?


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.

Both Incognito and DuckDuckGo provide secure and anonymous internet browsing.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine, while Incognito is a web browser.

Is DuckDuckGo a good alternative?


Opera is a fast and secure browser trusted by millions of users. It comes with a powerful ad blocker, a built-in VPN, and other features to keep you safe and secure online. It also has a beautiful, intuitive user interface and many features to make your browsing experience enjoyable.

Incognito and Opera both offer features such as private browsing and secure encryption.

Incognito is a Chrome-based browser, while Opera is a standalone browser.

Is Opera a good alternative?


Ghostery is a privacy-focused browser extension and mobile app that helps you stay safe and protect your data when you browse the web. It blocks trackers, speeds up page load times, and helps you take control of the way your data is collected and used online.

Both Incognito and Ghostery provide protection from tracking cookies and browsing history.

Ghostery is a browser extension, while Incognito is a web browser.

Is Ghostery a good alternative?

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is a web browser designed to help protect your privacy online. It helps protect your data and browsing history from being tracked and collected by websites, search engines, and other online services. It also includes features such as anti-tracking, ad blocking, and secure proxy connections.

Incognito and Epic Privacy Browser both offer secure and private internet browsing.

Epic Privacy Browser offers additional features such as built-in encrypted proxy, while Incognito does not.

Is Epic Privacy Browser a good alternative?


Anonymous is an anonymous social network that allows users to express themselves without fear of judgment or censorship. It enables users to post, comment, and share content, photos, and videos anonymously.

Both websites offer privacy protection for users.

Incognito encrypts user data while Anonymous does not.

Is Anonymous a good alternative?


DeleteMe offers a comprehensive online privacy solution to protect your personal information from data brokers and hackers. We help you take control of your online presence by finding and removing your personal information from public databases and search engines.

Both Incognito and DeleteMe offer services to protect personal privacy online.

Incognito specializes in digital information removal, while DeleteMe focuses on actively blocking data brokers.

Is DeleteMe a good alternative?

Incognito Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Incognito compared to other websites. We will compare the features and functionality of Incognito against the leading competitors in today's online market. This comparison will provide an overview of what makes Incognito unique, how it stacks up against the competition, and why users should choose Incognito for their online needs. With this analysis in hand, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which website is right for you.


Incognito and Anonymous are both websites that provide users with an anonymous browsing experience. Incognito is a paid subscription-based service that provides anonymous browsing, secure file sharing, and remote access to its users. It also has a built-in VPN, allowing users to securely browse the web without having to worry about their data being exposed. Anonymous, on the other hand, is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that offers anonymous browsing capabilities as well as ad blocking features. Both Incognito and Anonymous have features that allow users to keep their data private from third parties, however Incognito takes this one step further by offering encryption of user data while Anonymous does not. Additionally, Incognito has advanced features such as remote access and secure file sharing while Anonymous only offers basic anonymous browsing capabilities.


Incognito and DeleteMe offer two different approaches to online privacy. Incognito is a personal privacy service that provides users with access to premium privacy tools, such as encrypted emails and secure VPNs. It also offers a network of virtual private networks (VPNs) that allow users to mask their IP address and browse the web anonymously. On the other hand, DeleteMe is an online removal service that helps users remove their personal information from data brokers, search engines, and public records databases. It also provides users with resources on how to protect their online privacy, such as setting up two-factor authentication for accounts and using strong passwords. Both services offer features designed to help protect user data, although they provide different approaches to achieving that goal.


Incognito and DuckDuckGo are both privacy-focused web browsers that protect users from tracking and data collection. Incognito is an extension for Google Chrome, while DuckDuckGo is an independent browser. Both browsers offer a Private Browsing mode, which prevents websites from tracking your activity. They also both offer automatic blocking of trackers, as well as automatically clearing your browsing history when you exit the browser. However, Incognito does not offer additional features like encryption, while DuckDuckGo does provide encryption to further protect user activity. Additionally, DuckDuckGo offers a more comprehensive search engine with additional features such as instant answers and zero-click info boxes.


Incognito and Tor are both privacy-focused web browsers designed to keep user data secure and anonymous. Incognito is a Chrome extension that offers a private browsing experience, allowing users to browse the internet without leaving their activity traceable. It also blocks ads and trackers, helping protect users from malicious content. Meanwhile, Tor is an open-source browser that routes traffic through multiple layers of encryption before it reaches its destination. This makes it even more difficult for attackers to intercept user data or track their movements online. However, since Tor relies on volunteer nodes to direct traffic, it can be slower than other browsers. Additionally, Tor has built-in support for various darknet markets, which may not be suitable for everyone.

History of Incognito

Incognito is a website that started out as an online, anonymous messaging board in the early 2000s, allowing users to post messages without revealing their identity. The website later developed into a full-fledged social platform, introducing features such as private messaging and photo sharing. As the platform grew, it also added features such as a marketplace, a virtual currency system, and a variety of social gaming features. Over the years, Incognito has become one of the most popular social networks, with millions of users worldwide.

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