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Exploring Alternative Sites to Get Metal: A List of Similar Music Streaming Platforms

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-01 08:39:28

Are you a fan of the music streaming website “Get Metal” but looking for something similar? If so, then you’re in luck! Here is a list of websites that feature a similar selection of metal tracks and albums as “Get Metal”. With these alternative websites, you can discover new music and find a great selection of metal music to enjoy.

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Get Metal Alternatives

Metal Riot

Metal Riot is an online heavy metal community and magazine, dedicated to discovering and sharing the best in extreme metal music from around the world. The site features news, reviews, interviews, videos, and other content about black metal, death metal, grindcore, doom, and other heavy metal styles.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

Metal Riot offers more of an international perspective on metal music. Get Metal focuses more on American metal bands.

Is Metal Riot a good alternative?


MetalSucks is a metal-focused website that covers metal news, album reviews, show reviews, interviews and more. It is an independent publication, and since its launch in 2006, it has become a mainstay in the metal community.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

MetalSucks provides more of an opinionated and humorous take on metal music while Get Metal is more serious.

Is MetalSucks a good alternative?

Metal Injection

Metal Injection is the go-to source for hard rock and heavy metal news, featuring interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, and more. Our team of dedicated metalheads are here to bring you the best and most comprehensive coverage of the metal scene.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

Metal Injection focuses more on extreme metal, while Get Metal focuses on a broader range of metal genres.

Is Metal Injection a good alternative?

No Clean Singing

No Clean Singing is an extreme metal news and reviews website. It features news and reviews from a variety of metal sub-genres, from black metal to death metal and grindcore.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

No Clean Singing focuses more on underground metal music, while Get Metal focuses on more mainstream metal bands.

Is No Clean Singing a good alternative?

Metal Insurrection

Metal Insurrection is an online community dedicated to metal music and its culture. The site features album reviews, interviews, news, tour announcements, and music streaming. It also offers a wide range of discussion forums on topics related to metal music, such as album reviews, interviews, news, tour announcements, and anything else related to the metal world.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

Metal Insurrection focuses more on classic metal bands, while Get Metal focuses on modern metal bands.

Is Metal Insurrection a good alternative?


Loudwire is an online destination for hard rock and heavy metal music news, reviews, interviews, and more. It provides fans with the latest updates on the music they love and the artists they follow.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

Loudwire provides more coverage of rock and alternative music, while Get Metal focuses primarily on metal music.

Is Loudwire a good alternative?

Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer is the world’s definitive heavy metal magazine and website. It is devoted to bringing its readers the latest news and reviews from the metal world as well as interviews with the biggest names in the business.

Both offer metal music reviews, news and interviews.

Metal Hammer focuses more on the UK metal scene, while Get Metal focuses on the US metal scene.

Is Metal Hammer a good alternative?

History of Get Metal

Get Metal was founded in 2004 as a digital music store, offering metal fans a way to discover and purchase digital music. Over the years the website has evolved to become a digital media platform dedicated to metal music, offering users the ability to stream and purchase music, watch live performances, discover new artists, and even access exclusive content. Get Metal has become one of the premier sources for metal fans to access music and content from the genre.

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