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10 Sites Like GeoCities for Creating Your Own Webpage

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-16 05:22:50

The early days of the internet provided a lot of creative freedom for web users, and GeoCities was one of the most popular sites for users to create and express themselves. Unfortunately, GeoCities is no longer around, but there are other websites that provide similar features. This article will provide a list of websites like GeoCities that allow users to create their own websites for free.



GeoCities is a web hosting service founded in 1994. It was one of the first social networks, giving users the opportunity to create their own online spaces. Users could create their own websites, upload content, share photos, and interact with other users.


  • Personalized websites
  • Ability to upload content
  • Customization of web pages
  • Sharing of photos and videos

GeoCities Alternatives


Weebly is a website-building platform that helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals create a unique and professional website easily and quickly. With a drag-and-drop editor, hosting, and eCommerce capabilities, Weebly is the perfect website building solution.

both provide website building tools

Weebly has more features and modern design options

Is Weebly a good alternative?


Wix is an online website builder that provides a range of web design services and makes it easy for anyone to create a stunning website. With Wix, you can choose from hundreds of templates, drag and drop to customize your design, add features like social media, contact forms, eCommerce, and more.

both provide website building tools

Wix has a more user-friendly drag-and-drop interface

Is Wix a good alternative?


Squarespace is a website builder designed to help you create professional websites quickly and easily. It offers powerful tools, drag and drop design, and built-in hosting, giving you everything you need to build a website without any coding or design experience.

both provide website building tools

Squarespace has more templates and integrations

Is Squarespace a good alternative?

WordPress is an easy and powerful website and blog builder. It's a powerful content management system for creating and managing online content like blogs and websites. With, you can get started quickly and easily, with no coding required.

both provide website building tools

WordPress is more robust and customizable

Is WordPress a good alternative?


Jimdo is a website building platform that helps anyone create their own website with no coding, no setup costs, and no design skills needed. It is designed for non-tech savvy users, allowing them to create a modern, professional website in minutes.

both provide website building tools

Jimdo has an AI-assisted design tool

Is Jimdo a good alternative?


Yola is a website builder that allows you to create a professional website in minutes. With Yola, you can easily customize your website with drag-and-drop widgets, set up hosting, and add ecommerce to your site.

both provide website building tools

Yola offers more free features than GeoCities

Is Yola a good alternative?


Moonfruit is a web design platform that allows users to create stunning websites and online shops quickly and easily. It has a wide range of features and tools for building a website, such as drag-and-drop website builder, easy-to-use content management system, e-commerce capabilities, and more.

both provide website building tools

Moonfruit has a simpler user interface

Is Moonfruit a good alternative?


Angelfire is a free home page for everyone that offers an easy-to-use website building tool that allows you to create a website in minutes. With Angelfire, you can create a website with a custom domain name, web hosting, and additional services.

Both GeoCities and Angelfire are web hosting services that allow users to create their own websites.

GeoCities is owned by Yahoo!, while Angelfire is owned by Lycos.

Is Angelfire a good alternative?


Neocities is a free web hosting service that allows users to build their own websites with easy drag and drop tools. Create your own website without any coding experience!

Both GeoCities and Neocities are free web hosting services.

GeoCities was discontinued in 2009, while Neocities is still an active service; GeoCities had a focus on community building, while Neocities emphasizes simplicity and encourages its users to create their own content.

Is Neocities a good alternative?

GeoCities Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of GeoCities and other websites! We will be taking a look at the features, pros and cons of several different websites and deciding which one is best for you. GeoCities was once one of the most popular websites around, but now faces competition from a variety of new services. We'll explore what makes each website unique and discuss which one is right for your needs. So let's dive in and compare GeoCities with other websites!


GeoCities and Angelfire are both web hosting services, but there are some key differences between them. GeoCities has a more advanced set of features, such as FTP access, support for multiple file types, and the ability to create subdomains. Angelfire is more basic, offering only HTML and JavaScript support. In terms of design tools, GeoCities provides more options with its WYSIWYG editor and a variety of templates. Angelfire’s editor is more limited, but still allows for basic customization. Both services offer some form of analytics tracking so users can monitor their site traffic. Finally, GeoCities offers several add-on features such as chat rooms and message boards that Angelfire doesn’t have.


GeoCities and Neocities are both free web hosting services for creating and managing personal websites. GeoCities offers a variety of features such as drag-and-drop page building, hundreds of templates, built-in web design tools, and easy integration with other popular web services. It also provides domain name registration and a wide range of options for customizing the look and feel of a website. On the other hand, Neocities is an even simpler platform that does not require any coding knowledge to set up a website. It provides basic customization options such as HTML/CSS editing, image galleries, audio/video embedding, and theme selection. Neocities also supports custom domain names but it only offers limited space for large files such as images and videos. In conclusion, while GeoCities offers more robust features than Neocities in terms of design flexibility and file storage capacity, if you’re looking for an easier way to create a simple website without needing any coding knowledge then Neocities may be the better option.

History of GeoCities

GeoCities was a web hosting service that was founded in 1994. It allowed users to create their own websites for free and hosted them on its server. It quickly grew to become one of the largest web hosting services of its time, with its userbase growing to over 38 million in 1998. It was eventually acquired by Yahoo in 1999 and shut down in 2009.


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