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7 Alternatives to Extreme Math for Math Practice and Learning

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-28 15:56:13

Are you a student who loves to learn math but is looking for a change from the popular math website "Extreme Math"? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of similar websites that offer engaging and interactive math learning experiences. From online math games to interactive lessons, you’ll be sure to find a website that piques your interest and helps you learn.

Extreme Math


Extreme Math is an online tutoring and resources provider that offers personalized math tutoring and practice tests to help students in middle and high school with math. Our goal is to help students build confidence, gain mastery of math concepts, and improve their academic performance.


  • Personalized tutoring for middle and high school students
  • Practice tests to help assess student understanding
  • Access to resources and learning materials
  • Online chat support for questions and assistance
  • Step-by-step math problem solving tutorials

Extreme Math Alternatives


MathPlayground is a website created by teachers to help children learn and practice math skills with fun math games and math puzzles.

Provides math activities, games, puzzles, and worksheets

Focuses more on elementary and middle school levels

Is MathPlayground a good alternative?

AAA Math

AAA Math is a comprehensive math resource website for teachers, parents, and students. It contains instructional worksheets and interactive activities, lessons, and games.

Provides math activities and worksheets

Focuses more on basic math concepts

Is AAA Math a good alternative?


Mathantics is an online learning tool that helps kids learn math through fun video lessons. It provides free resources for kids to learn basic math skills, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Provides math activities, games, and worksheets

Focuses more on basic math concepts and videos

Is Mathantics a good alternative?

IXL Math

IXL Math is an online math practice program geared towards helping students learn math concepts in a meaningful and engaging way. IXL Math provides dynamic, adaptive math practice on thousands of skills, and personalized feedback on every question.

Provides math activities, games, and worksheets

Focuses more on personalized practice and assessments

Is IXL Math a good alternative?

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. It offers thousands of free online courses, lessons and practice exercises in a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, computer programming and more.

Provides math activities, games, and worksheets

Focuses more on higher level math topics and videos

Is Khan Academy a good alternative?


MathBits is an online math resource that provides free math lessons, activities and resources for both teachers and students. It covers topics such as basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more.

Provides math activities, games, and worksheets

Focuses more on higher level math topics

Is MathBits a good alternative?

Math A Tube

Math A Tube is an online platform that provides free math video tutorials to students of all ages and levels. It offers fun, engaging, and interactive video lessons that help students learn math in an enjoyable and effective way.

Provides math activities, games, and worksheets

Focuses more on basic math topics and videos

Is Math A Tube a good alternative?

History of Extreme Math

Extreme Math is an educational website that was founded in the early 2000s. It provides interactive math tutorials and games for students of all ages. The website was designed to help students learn math in a fun, engaging way. It also serves as a source of practice and review for students who are already familiar with math concepts. Over the years, Extreme Math has added more lessons and activities to its library, making it an invaluable resource for math students.


  • Extreme math? Talk about a brutal study session!

    2023-02-07 01:46:28 ·
  • Who knew there were so many different versions of math?

    2023-03-07 00:51:31 ·
  • D W

    Do I really need to learn all of these 'extreme math' sites?

    2023-04-24 07:46:57 ·
  • I think I'll stick to the less extreme versions of math!

    2023-05-30 20:30:41 ·
  • Let the extreme math battle begin!

    2023-06-29 16:33:56 ·
  • I'm starting to feel like I'm in an extreme math competition!

    2023-10-06 19:49:52 ·
  • It's like 'Extreme Math' but for the brave few!

    2023-10-28 13:41:50 ·
  • Maybe I should just stay away from 'Extreme Math'!

    2024-02-16 15:01:35 ·
  • So, this is why math was never my favorite subject!

    2024-03-31 04:48:40 ·