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Eight Alternatives to Elite Prospects: A List of Similar Sports Recruiting Platforms

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-13 02:27:34

Are you a fan of Elite Prospects, the popular website for hockey players, scouts, and fans? If you're looking to find a similar website that offers even more information, this list is for you! We've rounded up the top websites like Elite Prospects that contain a wealth of information on hockey players and teams, ranging from amateur to professional levels. Get ready to explore the world of hockey like never before!

Elite Prospects


Elite Prospects is a comprehensive hockey resource that provides players, teams, scouts, and fans with all the necessary information for scouting and tracking hockey prospects. It features a wide array of stats, news, player profiles, team stats, game analysis, and much more.

Elite Prospects Alternatives


HockeyDB is a comprehensive online database of professional and amateur hockey players, teams, leagues, and statistics from around the world.

Information on players, teams, and leagues, including stats and records.

HockeyDB has more of a focus on historical information than Elite Prospects.

Is HockeyDB a good alternative?

Hockey Reference

Hockey Reference is an online database of hockey statistics and historical information. It is the definitive resource for hockey fans, players, coaches, and researchers.

Statistics and records for players, teams, and leagues.

Hockey Reference does not provide as much information on prospects as Elite Prospects.

Is Hockey Reference a good alternative?

The Hockey News

The Hockey News is a one-stop source for all things hockey. Get comprehensive news coverage, analysis and scores from the NHL, AHL and college hockey leagues.

Provides news and information on players, teams, and leagues.

The Hockey News focuses more on news and opinion than Elite Prospects.

Is The Hockey News a good alternative?

Hockey Prospectus

Discontinued Hockey
Hockey Prospectus is an advanced hockey analytics and data site that provides in-depth analysis and insights into the game of hockey. They provide a wide range of analytical tools, including advanced statistics, scouting reports, player evaluations, coaching analysis, and much more.

Provides analysis and commentary on players, teams, and leagues.

Hockey Prospectus has more detailed analysis than Elite Prospects.

Is Hockey Prospectus a good alternative?

Discontinued Hockey is a website dedicated to providing the best quality NHL hockey streams for free. We provide access to live streams of all games and events, as well as links to recent highlights and recaps.

Provides access to hockey streams. does not provide detailed information on players, teams, and leagues like Elite Prospects does.

Is a good alternative?
| is the official web site of the National Hockey League. provides up-to-date scores, statistics, news, highlights, and more for fans of the NHL.

Provides news, information, and statistics on players, teams, and leagues. has more of a focus on the NHL than Elite Prospects.

Is a good alternative?

History of Elite Prospects

. Elite Prospects is a website that began providing hockey scouting information in the late 1990s. It has since grown to become a comprehensive database for hockey players and teams at all levels, including professional, amateur, junior and international leagues. Elite Prospects also provides player and team statistics, game summaries, and other relevant hockey-related content.

Elite Prospects Status

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  • Who knew there were so many websites dedicated to scouting hockey players?

    2023-02-28 03:33:58 ·
  • Finally, a way to get into the hockey scouting business without actually having to go to hockey games!

    2023-05-08 17:41:51 ·
  • I guess hockey teams really do mean business when it comes to scouting!

    2024-01-08 15:17:44 ·
  • I guess this is how hockey agents find their next stars!

    2024-04-09 22:18:26 ·
  • Who knew that there are so many places to go for hockey scouting?!

    2024-04-17 03:19:29 ·
  • This is definitely a game-changer for anyone looking to get into the scouting game!

    2024-05-13 22:52:11 ·