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5 Alternative Websites to Dezeen and ArchDaily for Architecture and Design Lovers

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-10 04:50:38

Are you looking for websites that offer the same kind of content as Dezeen and ArchDaily? Look no further - we've got you covered! In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of websites that offer similar content to these two popular design and architecture websites. From top-tier publications to niche blogs, this list has something for everyone. So whether you're looking for inspiration, news, or just some eye-candy, this list of similar websites like Dezeen and ArchDaily has you covered.

Dezeen and ArchDaily


Dezeen and ArchDaily is an online architecture and design magazine. It covers news, projects, interviews, and more from the world of architecture and design.


  • In-depth articles and interviews about architecture and design.
  • A wide variety of news from all over the world.
  • Insightful opinion pieces from industry professionals.
  • Exclusive content from leading architects and designers.

Dezeen and ArchDaily Alternatives

Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is a website dedicated to providing up-to-date information, resources and news about all aspects of architecture, engineering and design. We strive to bring our readers the latest and most interesting stories, as well as detailed reviews of the latest products and services.

Architecture Lab offers comprehensive coverage on the latest in architecture, design and construction related news.

Dezeen and ArchDaily focus more on residential and commercial design, while Architecture Lab offers a broad range of topics including urban planning, sustainability, and construction.

Is Architecture Lab a good alternative?


Designboom is an online magazine dedicated to the latest and greatest in architecture, art, design and technology. Founded in 1999, the magazine showcases the best of international creative culture, featuring interviews, critical reviews and multimedia content.

Both Design Boom and Dezeen and ArchDaily showcase the latest in architecture, design and construction-related news.

Design Boom offers a more artist-focused approach to design, featuring interviews with contemporary architects, artists and designers.

Is Designboom a good alternative?


Architizer is the world’s largest network for architecture, connecting architects, clients, and suppliers. It enables users to discover, source, and connect with the best building products and materials, as well as to find new inspiration and the latest trends in architecture.

Architizer and Dezeen and ArchDaily are both popular websites for architecture and design.

Architizer is a more comprehensive platform for professionals, offering a database of projects, products, and resources.

Is Architizer a good alternative?

Architect Magazine

Architect Magazine is a leading source for news and resources in the architecture and design industry. It covers the latest innovations in design, construction, technology, and materials, as well as in-depth project profiles and interviews with top architects, designers, and building professionals.

Architect Magazine and Dezeen and ArchDaily both provide comprehensive coverage on the latest in architecture, design and construction related news.

Architect Magazine focuses more on the practice of architecture, with articles exploring the latest trends in design and construction, while Dezeen and ArchDaily provide a more visually-oriented approach to design.

Is Architect Magazine a good alternative?


Contemporist is an online magazine dedicated to contemporary design and architecture. It features articles, news, interviews and videos about the latest products and projects from around the world.

Contemporist and Dezeen and ArchDaily both showcase the latest in architecture, design and construction-related news.

Contemporist focuses more on lifestyle trends, with articles exploring the latest in luxury, art and culture.

Is Contemporist a good alternative?

Design Milk

Design Milk is dedicated to modern design. It offers a look at the latest in products, art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology.

Design Milk and Dezeen and ArchDaily both provide insight into the world of design, with articles focusing on the latest trends in architecture, design and construction.

Design Milk focuses more on product design, with articles exploring the latest in furniture, lighting, and home decor.

Is Design Milk a good alternative?

The Architect's Newspaper

The Architect's Newspaper is a publication covering international architecture news, events, and resources. It is dedicated to providing quality information about the built environment and related topics, including architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, infrastructure, and environmental design.

The Architect's Newspaper and Dezeen and ArchDaily both provide comprehensive coverage on the latest in architecture, design and construction-related news.

The Architect's Newspaper offers more in-depth coverage of the industry, with articles exploring the latest in sustainability, technology and construction.

Is The Architect's Newspaper a good alternative?

History of Dezeen and ArchDaily

Dezeen and ArchDaily are two websites that have become popular in recent years. They both began in 2006 and provide a platform for architecture and design professionals to share their work. They also feature stories and interviews with leading figures in the industry. Both websites have grown significantly over the years, becoming two of the most influential websites in the architecture and design world.

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