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7 Alternatives to Cup of Jo: Other Entertaining and Informative Lifestyle Blogs

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-16 19:48:54

If you're looking for a new favorite website to add to your list of daily reads, look no further! Cup of Jo is a beloved lifestyle website that covers topics like parenting, travel, relationships, and more. If you're a fan of Cup of Jo, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of other sites out there that cover similar topics. Here's a list of some great websites like Cup of Jo to check out.

Cup of Jo


Cup of Jo is a website dedicated to delivering content that speaks to the modern woman. The site covers topics such as travel, culture, beauty, relationships, motherhood, fashion, and more.


  • Thoughtful, entertaining and informative content
  • A weekly newsletter to keep readers up-to-date
  • A vibrant community of readers and writers
  • Resources and advice to help women live their best lives

Cup of Jo Alternatives

A Cup of Charlie

A Cup of Charlie is a social enterprise that is focused on driving meaningful conversations and creating social impact through coffee. Our mission is to use coffee as a platform to bring people together, create meaningful conversations, and promote social change.

Focus on everyday lifestyle topics such as health, beauty, home, travel and relationships

A Cup of Charlie has an emphasis on travel, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on home and beauty topics

Is A Cup of Charlie a good alternative?

The Everygirl

The Everygirl is a media company for women that features content about career, lifestyle, finance, fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and more. Our mission is to provide a space for millennial women to feel inspired, make informed decisions, and celebrate their unique lives.

Focuses on beauty, wellness, career, relationships and finance

The Everygirl has a focus on career and finance topics, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on health and beauty topics

Is The Everygirl a good alternative?

The Mom Edit

The Mom Edit is a modern guide for moms, helping them find their own style and figure out how to look and feel their best without sacrificing their time. It offers fashion advice, shopping tips, and product reviews for moms.

Focuses on topics related to parenting and motherhood

The Mom Edit has a focus on parenting topics, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on beauty and health topics

Is The Mom Edit a good alternative?

The Cut

The Cut is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news and trends in women’s fashion, beauty, and entertainment. With stunning visuals and in-depth coverage, The Cut provides an engaging look at the world of fashion, beauty, and celebrity.

Focuses on topics related to culture, style and politics

The Cut has a focus on culture and politics, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on home and beauty topics

Is The Cut a good alternative?


Goop is a modern lifestyle brand focused on health and wellness, offering a selection of products and experiences designed to make living well easier and more enjoyable.

Focuses on topics related to health, wellness and beauty

Goop has a focus on health and wellness topics, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on home and beauty topics

Is Goop a good alternative?

Man Repeller

Man Repeller is a fashion, shopping, and lifestyle destination for women who love fashion but live for their own style. It provides a global platform for women to express their individual style and to discover new trends and fashion advice.

Focuses on topics related to fashion and lifestyle

Man Repeller has a focus on fashion, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on home and beauty topics

Is Man Repeller a good alternative?

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is an online destination for the modern woman to explore her personal style. Through fashion, beauty, home decor, entertaining, and more, we cater to the many facets of her life.

Focuses on topics related to fashion, beauty, home decor and entertaining

Cupcakes and Cashmere has a focus on fashion and home decor, whereas Cup of Jo focuses on health and beauty topics

Is Cupcakes and Cashmere a good alternative?

History of Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo is a website that provides lifestyle content for women. It was founded in 2007 by a small team of writers and editors who wanted to create a space for topics such as fashion, relationships, motherhood, and home. Since its launch, the website has grown to include content from over 500 contributors and has become a popular destination for women looking for advice and inspiration.

Cup of Jo Status

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