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10 Alternative Websites for Cricket Fans Like Cricbuzz

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-03 17:38:05

Are you a fan of cricket and looking for similar websites like Cricbuzz? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the top websites like Cricbuzz that you can use to stay updated with the latest cricket news and scores. From live streaming of matches to ball-by-ball commentary, these sites offer a plethora of features that make them the ideal choice for cricket lovers. So, let’s get started and explore the best cricket websites like Cricbuzz.

Cricbuzz is the world's leading destination for cricket information, news, live scores and statistics. From live scores to ball-by-ball commentary, from the latest news updates to exclusive interviews, Cricbuzz has it all.

Cricbuzz Alternatives


ESPNcricinfo provides the most comprehensive cricket coverage available including live ball-by-ball commentary, news, unparalleled statistics, quality editorial comment and analysis.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, team and player stats, etc.

More comprehensive information on international cricket, and includes a fantasy cricket game.

Is ESPNcricinfo a good alternative?

NDTV Sports

NDTV Sports is India's premier destination for the latest sports news, live scores, results, updates and analysis. Get in-depth coverage of cricket, football, tennis, motorsports, golf and other sports from around the world.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

More comprehensive coverage of other sports and includes a wider range of news and analysis.

Is NDTV Sports a good alternative?


Cricingif is a live cricket score and ball-by-ball update platform that provides an interactive and immersive experience for cricket fans around the world. It provides detailed insights into every match, player performance, and team strategies.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

Provides exclusive ball-by-ball animation highlights for each match, and also includes a quiz game.

Is Cricingif a good alternative?


CricTracker is the leading source for cricket news and updates. It provides ball-by-ball commentary, live score updates, news, analysis, highlights, and more from around the world of cricket.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

More comprehensive coverage of domestic cricket, and also includes opinion pieces and analysis.

Is CricTracker a good alternative?


MyCricket is the official cricket app for live scores, news, and stats from international and domestic cricket. It provides up-to-date scores, team information, commentary, results, and news from all levels of cricket, including domestic and international cricket.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

More comprehensive coverage of club and amateur cricket, and includes a discussion forum.

Is MyCricket a good alternative?


CricBattle is a fantasy cricket league that allows users to play cricket and earn rewards. It is a platform for playing cricket with friends and competing with other players from all around the world.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

Provides an online fantasy cricket game with real cash prizes, and also includes interactive chat forums.

Is CricBattle a good alternative?

Cricket World

Cricket World is an online resource dedicated to delivering the latest international cricket news and editorials. The website provides scores, results, stats, articles, videos, interviews and more, as well as a forum for cricket fans to engage in discussion.

Live coverage of cricket matches, news, scorecards, etc.

More comprehensive coverage of international cricket, and includes a range of interactive features such as blogs and podcasts.

Is Cricket World a good alternative?

Cricket is the official website of cricket, providing up-to-date news, scores, videos, and other information about the game and its players.

Both websites provide information related to cricket.

Cricbuzz offers news, live scores, match analysis, and opinions from players, while Cricket provides specialty gear for the game.

Is Cricket a good alternative?


SA is an online community designed to help people connect with each other in meaningful and productive ways. We offer a variety of tools and resources to help members connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Both websites provide content related to cricket.

Cricbuzz focuses on delivering news and updates related to the sport, while SA provides an online platform for gamers to play fantasy cricket.

Is SA a good alternative?


UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a country on the Arabian Peninsula located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf and the northwestern coast of the Gulf of Oman. The federation includes seven emirates and was established in 1971. UAE is an attractive destination for tourists seeking an exotic escape, offering stunning desert landscapes, stunning beaches, and vibrant cities.

Both websites provide up to date news on sports.

Cricbuzz provides information on cricket while UAE provides information on all sports.

Is UAE a good alternative?

USA is the official website of the United States government and provides users with access to a wide range of government information and services, including federal, state, local and tribal resources.

Both Cricbuzz and USA websites provide news and information about the world.

Cricbuzz focuses on cricket-related news and information while USA provides more general news of what is happening in the United States.

Is USA a good alternative?

Cricbuzz Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Cricbuzz with other websites. We'll be taking a look at the features, usability and overall value of each website in order to determine which one is the best option for cricket fans. Cricbuzz is a popular cricket news and information website that provides up-to-date scores and coverage from all around the world. With a focus on news, match previews, videos, player profiles and more, it's easy to see why it's so popular among cricket fans. In this comparison, we'll be assessing how Cricbuzz measures up against its competitors to determine which one is king of the hill when it comes to providing quality cricket content.


Cricbuzz and Cricket are two websites devoted to the sport of cricket. While both provide cricket-related news, information, and coverage, they differ in terms of their features and offerings. Cricbuzz is a comprehensive website that provides users with up-to-date news on cricket matches around the world as well as detailed analysis of players, teams, and tournaments. It also offers live video streaming of matches, a scorecard widget for tracking match progress in real time, and an interactive forum for discussing cricket topics. On the other hand, Cricket offers more specialized services related to the game of cricket. It provides expert coaching tips and advice from some of the best players in the sport along with access to practice tools such as batting drills and bowling techniques. It also has an online store where users can purchase official cricket merchandise. Additionally, it has a “fan zone” where users can interact with each other about their favourite teams and players. Overall, Cricbuzz is better suited for those looking for comprehensive cricket coverage while Cricket is better for those wanting more specialized content related to playing or following this popular sport


Cricbuzz and SA are both websites that provide cricket-related news, scores, and stats. However, there are some key differences between the two. Cricbuzz is a free website that offers a wide range of cricket coverage from around the world. It has an easy-to-navigate interface with live scores, highlights, in-depth match analysis, player statistics, and more. Additionally, it provides users with access to exclusive content such as interviews with cricketers and coaches, live streaming options for select matches, latest news articles and blogs on the game. On the other hand, SA is a subscription-based website that provides detailed analytics on individual player performances across all major cricket leagues. It also offers data visualizations of the performance of different teams and players over time. Additionally, it provides access to detailed reports on team composition to aid in better match preparations as well as in-depth stats like pitch map analyses to give an accurate picture of a bowler’s bowling style or batsman’s preferred shot selection. In conclusion, while Cricbuzz is a great source for general cricket news and updates, SA is ideal for those looking for deep insights into players’ performances or making tactical decisions ahead of big games.


Cricbuzz and UAE are two websites that offer different features for cricket fans. Cricbuzz is a website dedicated to providing the latest news, scores, fixtures and results of cricket matches around the world. It also offers information on players, teams, venues and more. On the other hand, UAE is a website which provides an online platform where users can buy tickets for cricket matches taking place in their country. Cricbuzz offers scores and fixtures of all international matches while UAE focuses mainly on domestic tournaments. Cricbuzz also offers detailed information about players and teams while UAE only provides general information about them. Additionally, Cricbuzz provides analysis of each match through articles written by experienced journalists and pundits while UAE does not have any such feature.


Cricbuzz and USA are both websites that provide users with a variety of content related to cricket and other sports. Cricbuzz is a dedicated cricket website, providing content about the sport in the form of news, live scores, videos, analysis and commentary. USA offers comprehensive coverage of other sports such as baseball, basketball, football and hockey. When it comes to news coverage, Cricbuzz has more focus on cricket-related content than USA does. It provides top stories from international matches as well as tournament updates and player profiles. USA offers news from a wide range of sports including cricket but will also include general sports articles and features such as interviews with athletes. Both sites offer live score updates for matches ongoing at any given time. However, Cricbuzz takes it one step further by providing ball-by-ball commentary for some matches which is not available on USA's website. For videos, Cricbuzz is the clear winner with its library of match highlights and exclusive interviews with players while USA only provides short clips of various sports events. In terms of analysis and opinion pieces, both websites publish columns from experienced writers but again Cricbuzz has a slight edge due to its focus on cricket-related topics while USA covers a variety of topics across different sports.

History of Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz was launched in 2004 as a cricket news website. It quickly gained popularity and became the go-to source for the latest cricket news, scores and statistics. Over the years, the website has developed into a comprehensive digital platform for cricket fans, providing news, live scorecards, match previews, analysis and more. Cricbuzz is now one of the world’s most popular cricket websites and has over 10 million monthly users.

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