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5 Alternatives to Clapper: Websites for Automatically Clapping Your Hands

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-28 15:54:39

Are you looking for a website like Clapper? Clapper is a website for creating and sharing simple lists, but if you're searching for something similar, then you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of websites like Clapper which offer similar features and more. With these websites, you'll be able to make and share lists with ease, as well as access a range of extra features depending on the website. So if you're searching for an alternative to Clapper, read on to find out more.



Clapper is an online video editing and sharing platform that allows users to create and share stunning videos in minutes. It has an extensive library of royalty-free media, templates, and effects for you to create unique videos without having to start from scratch.


  • Easy-to-use video editor
  • Extensive library of royalty-free media, templates, and effects
  • Online collaboration with team members
  • Cloud storage for sharing and archiving
  • Video hosting and streaming services

Clapper Alternatives


Loudly is an online presence builder that helps businesses and individuals create a professional presence across social media networks and other online channels. With Loudly, you can easily create, manage, and measure the performance of your digital presence.

Both Clapper and Loudly are audio-based services that allow users to record and share sound clips with others.

Loudly offers additional features such as sound editing, audio effects and integration with other social media platforms.

Is Loudly a good alternative?


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music-sharing website based in Berlin, Germany that enables its users to upload, promote, and share their originally-created sounds.

Both Clapper and SoundCloud offer audio streaming, recording and sharing services.

SoundCloud is more focused on music and its users are mainly amateur and professional musicians.

Is SoundCloud a good alternative?


Audible is an Amazon company that provides access to audio books, radio shows, and other audio content. It allows users to listen to their favorite books, authors, and original audio content on the go.

Both Clapper and Audible allow users to share and listen to audio content.

Audible is more focused on books and audiobooks, while Clapper is more focused on sound clips.

Is Audible a good alternative?


VoiceThread is an innovative, cloud-based solution that enables a conversation around almost any type of content, including documents, images, audio, video, and even presentations. Participants can have a conversation using voice, video, and text-based comments.

Both Clapper and VoiceThread are audio-based services that allow users to record and share audio clips.

VoiceThread includes additional features such as video and text-based commenting.

Is VoiceThread a good alternative?


Speechify is a language learning platform built on cutting-edge speech recognition technology that allows users to learn any language with instant feedback. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro language learner, Speechify can help you master the pronunciation of any language, expand your vocabulary, and improve your conversation skills.

Both Clapper and Speechify provide audio streaming and sharing services.

Speechify is more focused on speech-to-text transcription and audio summarization.

Is Speechify a good alternative?


Anchor is an all-in-one platform for podcasting. It streamlines the podcasting process, from recording and distribution, to monetization and analytics.

Both Clapper and Anchor are audio-based services that allow users to record and share audio clips.

Anchor offers additional features such as audio editing, podcast creation, and distribution.

Is Anchor a good alternative?


Vocaroo is a free online voice recording and sharing service. It allows users to record their voices using their computer's microphone, or to upload audio files. The recordings can then be shared with others via email, social media, or a link.

Both Clapper and Vocaroo are audio-based services that allow users to record and share audio clips.

Vocaroo offers additional features such as text-to-speech and audio exporting.

Is Vocaroo a good alternative?


TikTok is a free short-form mobile video app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos with soundtracks, effects, and more. It is the world's leading destination for short-form mobile videos and has become a global phenomenon with users from over 150 countries, creating and sharing content on the platform.

Both Clapper and TikTok are social media platforms for creating and sharing short videos.

Clapper focuses on video stories, while TikTok is a platform primarily for lip-syncing, dancing, and comedy skits.

Is TikTok a good alternative?

Clapper Head-To-Head

Clapper is a popular website that provides users with the ability to compare products, services, and prices. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its wide selection of comparison options. In this article, we will be conducting a head-to-head comparisons of Clapper with other websites to evaluate their features and advantages. We will take a look at the main advantages and drawbacks of each website as well as their overall user experience. We hope that this article will help you decide which website is best suited for your needs when comparing products, services, and prices.


Clapper and TikTok are two popular video-sharing platforms that offer a variety of features to allow users to create and share content. Clapper is a web-based application that provides users with an online video editor and extensive library of sound effects, making it easy to create videos quickly and easily. It also offers a private sharing option, allowing users to keep their videos private or share them with selected contacts. TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to create 15-second videos using music, special effects, filters, and other tools. It also has a Discover section which allows users to find videos from people they follow or related topics they are interested in. Both platforms provide the ability for users to search for specific content and discover new material through friends or recommended accounts. However, Clapper does not provide any type of analytics on user activity like TikTok does. Additionally, TikTok allows for direct messaging between users while Clapper does not have this feature available.

History of Clapper

Clapper is a website that was created in the early 2000s to provide a platform for people to create their own sound clips and share them with others. It originally started out as a basic message board where users could post audio clips, rate them, and comment on them. Over time, the website evolved to become a full-fledged online community, with a variety of features such as discussion forums, video creation tools, and more. Today, Clapper remains a popular destination for users to create and share unique sound clips with each other.


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