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A Comprehensive List of Resources for Young People: Similar Websites to Childline

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-06 13:58:35

Are you looking for a website similar to Childline that can offer emotional and mental health support for children and young people? Look no further! This article will provide a comprehensive list of websites like Childline that offer emotional and mental health support for children and young people. From online forums to telephone helplines, this article will provide a rundown of the various online resources available to young people in need of emotional and mental health support. So if you or someone you know is in need of help, this list of similar websites like Childline will be a great starting point.

Childline is a free and confidential helpline for children in the UK. It is a service provided by the NSPCC, and offers support and advice on any issue that may be worrying or upsetting young people up to the age of 18.


  • 24/7 helpline for children in the UK
  • Confidential support from trained counsellors
  • Advice and guidance on a wide range of topics
  • Information on mental health and wellbeing
  • Access to online chat and messaging services

Childline Alternatives


YoungMinds is a charity in the United Kingdom that provides mental health support for young people. It works to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide information and advice and campaign for change.

Provides support for children and young people with mental health issues.

Provides support for mental health issues, as opposed to a more generalised helpline.

Is YoungMinds a good alternative?

The Mix

The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people. It provides free, confidential and anonymous support for young people aged 13-25 on topics such as relationships, finance, mental health, and more.

Provides advice and support on a variety of topics to young people.

Provides advice and support on a wider range of issues than Childline.

Is The Mix a good alternative?

Shout UK

Shout UK is the UK's first 24/7 text service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help.

Provides 24/7 crisis support for young people in the UK.

Provides text-based support, as opposed to a telephone helpline.

Is Shout UK a good alternative?


Papyrus is a simple and powerful tool for creating digital documents. With Papyrus, you can easily create beautiful documents with images, text, and more. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your documents, and share them with others quickly and easily.

Provides support and advice to young people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Provides support specifically for suicidal thoughts, as opposed to a more generalised helpline.

Is Papyrus a good alternative?

The Samaritans

The Samaritans provide confidential emotional support to anyone in distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide. Their website provides advice and information on a range of issues, including mental health and wellbeing, suicide, relationships, debt and more.

Provides support and advice to those struggling with emotional distress.

Provides support to adults as well as young people, as opposed to Childline which is exclusively for young people.

Is The Samaritans a good alternative?

History of Childline

Childline is a free, confidential helpline created in 1986 by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to provide support, advice and counselling to children and young people in the United Kingdom. The service is accessible 24/7, either through phone calls, online chat, or email, and offers help with a variety of issues, including bullying, mental health, abuse, and much more. It is currently the UK's leading provider of free, confidential help and advice for children and young people.

Childline Status

The Childline website on online and reachable (last checked on 2024-02-29 01:00:11).

Last checked 2024-02-29 01:00:11.
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