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10 Alternative Websites Like C-Heads to Get Your Creative Fix

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-02 18:52:34

Are you looking for websites similar to C-Heads? C-Heads is a well-known website that features creative photography, art, and fashion. If you're looking for more websites with similar content, then you're in luck! In this article, we'll be sharing a comprehensive list of other websites like C-Heads. These websites cover topics from art and fashion to music and lifestyle. Keep reading to discover a few great alternatives to C-Heads.

C-Heads is an international online magazine and creative platform, focusing on photography, fashion and art. With a mission to inspire and empower the creative community, our content has reached over 12 million viewers since 2013.


  • Photography, fashion and art content
  • Inspiring interviews with creatives
  • Uplifting stories about creative projects
  • High-quality images and videos

C-Heads Alternatives


Dazed is an online magazine and website that explores fashion, music, art and culture from around the world. It offers a platform for fresh and inspiring content from a variety of contributors, as well as in-depth interviews and features.

Focused on youth culture, fashion, and art

More focus on global culture, fashion, and art

Is Dazed a good alternative?


Kaltblut Magazine is an independent platform for contemporary culture, art, music and fashion. It was founded in Berlin in early 2010 and has been covering the latest trends in culture and art since then, as well as bringing an international perspective on the topics.

Also focused on youth culture and fashion

Focuses more on streetwear, graffiti, and urban art

Is Kaltblut a good alternative?

The Fader

The Fader is an online magazine that covers music and culture from around the world. It provides readers with the latest news, interviews with artists, reviews of new albums and live events, and feature stories on culture and style.

Focused on youth culture, music, and art

More focus on music, hip-hop, and pop culture

Is The Fader a good alternative?


Juxtapoz is a magazine devoted to lowbrow and underground art, culture, and news. It provides insight and commentary on the latest and most exciting works in the world of urban, street, and pop art.

Focused on youth culture and art

More focus on street art, illustration, and graffiti

Is Juxtapoz a good alternative?


Highsnobiety is a leading online destination for news and information on streetwear, sneakers, and fashion. It is a global platform for the latest trends and news in the fashion industry and provides a comprehensive guide to the latest trends, products, and people that are influencing the world of fashion.

Focused on youth culture, fashion, and art

More focus on streetwear, sneakers, and music

Is Highsnobiety a good alternative?

GARAGE Magazine

GARAGE Magazine is an award-winning, multi-platform source of culture, fashion, music and art, reporting on the latest trends and topics from all over the world. From exclusive interviews with industry greats and insights on everything from fashion to music, GARAGE Magazine is a must-read for all style-savvy trendsetters.

Focused on youth culture, fashion, and art

More focus on high-fashion, art, and culture

Is GARAGE Magazine a good alternative?


Fashionista is the world’s largest fashion news and trends destination, featuring exclusive daily content on the latest trends, news, and insider knowledge. From the runways to the streets, and everywhere in between, the site is dedicated to providing an up-close look at the fashion industry’s most influential players, designers, and brands.

Focused on youth culture and fashion

More focus on fashion news and trends

Is Fashionista a good alternative?

History of C-Heads

C-Heads is an online platform for creative people to showcase their artwork, photography, and other creative content. Founded in 2011, the website quickly gained popularity and today has a large, international community of artists and creatives from diverse backgrounds. The website features articles, interviews, content showcases, and more, and continues to be a go-to destination for creative professionals and enthusiasts.

C-Heads Status

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