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5 Alternatives to 'Baywatch' for All Your Beachy Needs

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-31 12:57:29

Are you a fan of the classic TV show "Baywatch"? If so, you're in luck! We have compiled a list of other websites that have a similar feel to the beloved Baywatch. From the beaches of California to the exotic islands of the Caribbean, these sites will offer you a similar experience. From surfers to beachgoers, we've got something for everyone. So grab your sunscreen and let's take a look at these awesome sites!

Baywatch is the home of the original Baywatch TV series and brand. The site features exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, show recaps, news, cast interviews, and more.


  • Watch full episodes of Baywatch TV series
  • Browse exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, show recaps, news, cast interviews and more
  • Get updates on upcoming Baywatch events, shows and films
  • Participate in Baywatch-related polls and quizzes

Baywatch Alternatives

Lifeguard Notify

Lifeguard Notify is a comprehensive business security solution that helps protect your assets, people and your business. Our platform provides real-time security alerts, automated access control, video surveillance, and analytics to help you stay informed and take action when needed.

Monitors ocean conditions and sends out alerts for potential hazards

Provides more specific information about ocean conditions, including temperature and current strength

Is Lifeguard Notify a good alternative?

Beach Alerts

Discontinued Beach
Beach Alerts is an online resource for beach safety, giving beachgoers real-time alerts about dangerous conditions so they can stay safe.

Provides real-time ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Does not offer alerts for potential hazards

Is Beach Alerts a good alternative?


Surfline is the ultimate source for the most comprehensive and accurate surf reports, forecasts, and surf cams. With an extensive network of surf spots around the world and an easy-to-navigate website, surfers of all levels can find the perfect break quickly and easily.

Provides ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Also offers surf forecasts, tide charts, and live webcams

Is Surfline a good alternative?

Surf Guru

Surf Guru is a comprehensive online resource for surfers of all levels. They provide detailed surf reports, surf forecasts, live web cams, and more.

Provides ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Also offers surf forecasts and live webcams

Is Surf Guru a good alternative?

Magic Seaweed

MagicSeaweed is the leading source for surf reports, forecasts and surf-related news. From beginner to expert, you’ll find detailed data, forecasts and analysis on more than 3,000 spots around the world.

Provides ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Also offers long-range surf forecasts and free surf lessons

Is Magic Seaweed a good alternative?

NOAA Buoy Data

NOAA Buoy Data is a web-based platform that provides real-time ocean and weather data from NOAA's drifting buoys. This platform makes it easy to access comprehensive data sets to better understand changing ocean and weather conditions, such as wind speed, air and sea temperature, wave heights, and more.

Provides ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Also offers real-time data from buoys placed in the ocean

Is NOAA Buoy Data a good alternative?

Wave Watch

Discontinued Oceanography
Wave Watch is the ultimate surf forecasting tool for surfers and beachgoers worldwide. With real-time ocean and wave data, Wave Watch provides updated surf and beach conditions, tide times, and weather forecasts.

Provides ocean conditions, including wave height and water temperature

Also offers forecasts for wave heights and long-range surf forecasts

Is Wave Watch a good alternative?


Old is a marketplace for vintage and antique goods. From furniture to clothing and jewelry, you can find unique items from all over the world.

Both websites feature content that is entertaining and engaging.

Baywatch is a modern website featuring recent news and events, while Old is an archive of classic media and nostalgia.

Is Old a good alternative?

Baywatch Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Baywatch with other websites! Baywatch is a popular website that provides a wide range of information and resources for people interested in water sports, ocean conservation, and beach activities. In this comparison, we'll be looking at how Baywatch stacks up against some of its competitors when it comes to features, content, user experience, and more. Let's dive in and find out which website comes out on top!


Baywatch and Old are both websites that offer a variety of products for purchase. Baywatch is largely focused on beach-inspired apparel, while Old offers a wide range of clothing items including basics, activewear, and special occasion attire. Both websites feature collections from popular brands as well as designer pieces. When it comes to shopping options, Baywatch offers shoppers the ability to filter their search results by size, color, item type, and price range. Old also allows customers to narrow down their search results with an intuitive filtering system that splits products into categories such as style, occasion, fabric type, and price range. Both sites have detailed product pages with sizing information and customer reviews. Payment methods differ between the two sites; Baywatch accepts major credit cards and PayPal whereas Old accepts Visa Checkout and Amazon Pay in addition to other payment methods. For shoppers interested in convenience when ordering online, Baywatch provides free shipping on orders over $50 within the United States while Old offers free shipping on orders over $75 within the United States. Both websites provide helpful customer service options such as live chat or email assistance if needed. Additionally, each site has an easy returns policy so shoppers can return any unwanted items for a full refund or exchange if necessary. All in all, both Baywatch and Old offer quality products at competitive prices along with helpful customer service features so shoppers have a great online shopping experience.

History of Baywatch

Baywatch is a website that first launched in 1989 and has since become an iconic brand in the world of leisure and entertainment. The website has become well-known for its unique content, featuring lifestyle, travel and fitness advice from experts in the field. It also provides a platform for its users to connect with each other and exchange ideas. Throughout its history, the website has been host to numerous events, including competitions and meet-ups, and it remains a popular destination for people looking to relax and enjoy their free time.

Baywatch Status

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