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10 Alternative Sites Like Archie McPhee for Unique and Quirky Gifts

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-02 16:10:26

Are you a fan of Archie McPhee's quirky and unique toys, gifts and accessories? If so, you're not alone! But if you're looking for something a bit different, check out this list of some similar websites that offer their own unique take on fun and unusual items. From retro-inspired games and collectables to off-the-wall clothing and accessories, these stores will have something for everyone. So if you're in need of a little something out of the ordinary, read on to find the perfect place to shop.

Archie McPhee


Archie McPhee is an online store dedicated to providing customers with unique and unusual gifts, toys, and novelties. With over 8,000 items in stock, Archie McPhee has something for everyone. From gag gifts to collectibles, Archie McPhee offers a wide variety of items to choose from.

Archie McPhee Alternatives

Rejects from Studios

Rejects from Studios is the only place to find high-quality reject clips from top Hollywood & Bollywood studios. With full access to a huge selection of clips, you're sure to find something you'll love.

Offers a wide selection of quirky, unique and novelty items

Provides a range of pop cultural items such as toys and accessories from movies, TV shows, books and comics

Is Rejects from Studios a good alternative?

Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid is an online retail store that specializes in providing unique, fun, and novelty gifts for all ages. They strive to provide the coolest and most innovative products from around the world.

Sells a wide range of novelty items and gifts

Offers a variety of items for children, teens and adults including toys, gadgets, apparel and accessories

Is Perpetual Kid a good alternative?


ThinkGeek is an online retailer specialized in selling geeky gifts and products. It offers a wide selection of items from apparel, gadgets and home decor to toys, collectibles and electronics.

Sells a variety of unique and novelty items

Focuses more on geeky items such as pop culture and gaming items and apparel

Is ThinkGeek a good alternative?

Fred Flare

Fred Flare is an online boutique that offers a wide selection of unique and original gifts, accessories and home decor items. From trendy apparel and jewelry to quirky home decor, Fred Flare has it all.

Offers a selection of novelty and unique items and gifts

Has a focus on fashion and lifestyle items such as accessories, home decor and apparel

Is Fred Flare a good alternative?


Gama-Go is a San Francisco-based company that creates uniquely awesome apparel, art and accessories for the creative lifestyle. From art-inspired tees to comfy pullovers, Gama-Go has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle accessory, Gama-Go has the perfect piece to make your outfit stand out.

Provides a selection of unique and novelty items

Specializes in pop culture and design items such as t-shirts, pins and art prints

Is Gama-Go a good alternative?


Firebox is an online retail store that specializes in selling unique and unusual gifts and gadgets. They offer a wide range of products from home decor, accessories, kitchenware, and gadgets, to outdoor and lifestyle items.

Offers a range of novelty and unique items and gifts

Sells a variety of tech, lifestyle and home items such as gadgets, apparel and accessories

Is Firebox a good alternative?

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer offering a unique mix of fashion and home products. Our goal is to create an aspirational shopping experience that reflects the lifestyle and attitude of our customers.

Provides a selection of unique items and gifts

Focuses on lifestyle items such as apparel, accessories, home decor and beauty products

Is Urban Outfitters a good alternative?

History of Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is an online store and retail chain that began in 1983 with a single store in Seattle, Washington. The store quickly became popular for its unique and quirky products, and it later expanded to numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada. The website was launched in 1997 and has since become a popular destination for those looking for unique and interesting items.

Archie McPhee Status

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