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7 Stellar Alternatives to Stellarium for Exploring the Night Sky

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-23 13:38:43

Are you looking for stellarium alternatives? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll discuss a list of stellarium-like websites that offer a similar stellar exploration experience. These online platforms offer a wealth of information about the night sky, ranging from star charts and constellations to interactive sky maps and 3D simulations. Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast or just curious about what lies beyond our planet, these platforms are sure to provide a unique and engaging exploration of the universe. Keep reading to find out which websites made our list!



Stellarium is an open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.


  • Realistic sky in 3D
  • Accurate simulation of stars and constellations
  • Day and night modes
  • Multiple catalogues of stars, nebulae and galaxies
  • Time control and zoom

Stellarium Alternatives


SkySafari is an award-winning astronomy software that helps you explore the universe from your computer or mobile device. It’s packed with spectacular images and animations, detailed star maps, and powerful telescope and planetarium controls.

Both are virtual planetarium software used to explore the night sky.

SkySafari is available on mobile devices and has many more features than Stellarium

Is SkySafari a good alternative?

Star Walk

Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that shows you the night sky in real time. It points out constellations, stars, planets, and other celestial objects in the sky. It also includes detailed information about each one.

Both provide interactive 3D sky maps.

Star Walk is only available for mobile devices and has more in-depth content than Stellarium

Is Star Walk a good alternative?


KStars is an astronomy simulator developed by the KDE Education Project. It can be used to simulate the sky and its objects in 3D, view all 88 constellations, and explore the Solar System and its planets.

Both offer interactive 3D sky maps and have the ability to track satellites.

KStars is open source, has a more advanced telescope control and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS

Is KStars a good alternative?


Celestia is a free, 3D space exploration program. It allows you to explore our universe in a realistic and vivid way, from the smallest moon of Saturn to the distant stars beyond our galaxy. You can view planets, stars and galaxies in photorealistic 3D, with the ability to zoom in and out to explore the universe in detail.

Both provide a 3D representation of the universe.

Celestia is open source, has more accurate renditions of planetary surfaces, and has a wider range of features

Is Celestia a good alternative?

Cartes du Ciel

Cartes du Ciel (Sky Charts) is a free software package designed for astronomical observations. It enables the user to draw sky charts, to superimpose pre-defined objects or to enter new objects, to visualize and analyze the night sky from a certain location, to search for objects or to compute patterns of objects.

Both provide 3D sky maps and have the ability to track satellites.

Cartes du Ciel is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, has a more advanced telescope control and is free

Is Cartes du Ciel a good alternative?

Cosmic Explorer

Both provide an interactive 3D view of the sky and the ability to track satellites.

Cosmic Explorer is mobile-only and has more detailed information on planets and stars

Is Cosmic Explorer a good alternative?

Stellarium Mobile

Stellarium Mobile is an astronomy software that is designed to help users explore the night sky. It offers a realistic 3D simulation of the night sky, with the ability to view stars, planets, galaxies, and more.

Both are virtual planetarium software used to explore the night sky.

Stellarium Mobile is available for mobile devices and has more features than the desktop version

Is Stellarium Mobile a good alternative?

History of Stellarium

Stellarium is a free, open source planetarium software that was first released in 2001. It allows users to explore the night sky in a realistic 3D environment. It has been continuously developed and improved over the years to include features such as a detailed sky catalog of over 600,000 stars, deep sky objects, constellations, images of nebulae, and even artificial satellites. It also includes an extensive library of sky cultures that allow users to explore the sky from different cultures and times.

Stellarium Status

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