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10 Alternative Websites to Sports Are for Sports Fans

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-28 14:31:51

Are you looking for websites like Sports Are? If you are an avid sports fan and want to find more websites where you can get your sports fix, then look no further! This article will provide a comprehensive list of similar websites like Sports Are. From sports news to fantasy sports to betting and more, these websites offer something for everyone. So if you're looking for a great way to stay up to date on sports, these websites are sure to have something for you.

Sports Are


Sports Are is a global sports network that enables fans to connect with each other and share their passion for sports. Through our platform, users can follow their favorite teams, players and leagues, discover events and news, create and join fan communities, and more. Our mission is to bring people together to share, celebrate and grow the world of sports.


  • Real-time news and updates from around the world
  • Create and join fan communities
  • Follow your favorite teams, players, and leagues
  • Discover events and tickets
  • Personalize your feed and get personalized recommendations
  • Chat with fellow sports fans and discuss sports topics

Sports Are Alternatives


SportsSense is an online platform that helps athletes and coaches track, analyze and improve their sports performance. With a powerful performance management system, users can easily analyze and monitor their sports performance, set goals and track progress over time.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

SportsSense provides additional content on health and fitness related topics.

Is SportsSense a good alternative?

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a digital and print magazine that provides coverage of sports news and events. It offers breaking news, scores, analysis, photos and videos of the latest sports news and events.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

Sports Illustrated is a long-standing and well-known sports publication.

Is Sports Illustrated a good alternative?

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the official home of the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, College Football, and College Basketball. Get the latest news, highlights, scores, stats, and analysis for all your favorite sports teams and leagues.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

Fox Sports provides additional content on television and radio related to sports.

Is Fox Sports a good alternative?


ESPN is an online sports media website and mobile app that provides comprehensive coverage of the latest sports news, scores, stats, standings, rumors and more.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

ESPN is a long-standing and well-known sports publication.

Is ESPN a good alternative?

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is the official website for sports news, scores, schedules, stats, and more. Get the latest sports news, scores, schedules, stats and more from across the major sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports, golf, soccer, and more.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

Yahoo Sports provides additional content on fantasy sports and betting.

Is Yahoo Sports a good alternative?

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a sports media brand that delivers news, information, and insights to millions of sports fans around the world. It covers the latest news, highlights, and analysis from the world of sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA Football and Basketball, NHL, MMA, and more.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

Bleacher Report provides additional content on fan-generated content and opinion pieces.

Is Bleacher Report a good alternative?

SB Nation

SB Nation is the largest independent sports media brand, consisting of, and over 300 fan-centric team communities.

Both websites provide sports news and content.

SB Nation provides additional content on team-specific fan sites.

Is SB Nation a good alternative?

History of Sports Are

Sports Are is an online platform that is dedicated to providing resources and discussion about sports, fitness, and health. It was founded in 2012 to provide a space for sports enthusiasts to come together and talk about the latest news and trends in the industry. The website has grown in popularity over the years, with millions of visitors each month. It also has an active community of users who regularly post and comment on topics related to sports and health.


  • I'm sure these websites have something to offer, but I'm sticking to Sports Are!

    2023-02-01 15:30:06 ·
  • I guess if you're looking for more sports news, you can try these other sites. Good luck not getting lost though!

    2023-02-13 14:16:49 ·
  • It's like the sports version of 'Where's Waldo' - can you find the best sports website?

    2023-04-20 06:52:45 ·
  • With this list, you're guaranteed to find the perfect website for sports news - but it'll probably be Sports Are!

    2023-08-05 12:40:57 ·
  • If you're looking for sports news, you better come back to Sports Are!

    2023-12-08 14:29:07 ·