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7 Alternatives to Smule for Making and Sharing Music Online

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-05 21:39:00

Are you a fan of Smule? Are you looking for other websites to try out? Look no further! We've compiled a list of 10 websites that are similar to Smule, so you can have a variety of amazing karaoke experiences. From classic karaoke to interactive singing games, you'll find something to suit your needs. Get ready to find your next favorite website!

Smule is a social music app that allows users to create music and sing with others around the world. It features a variety of instruments, effects, and other tools to help users create their own music.


  • Create music with a variety of virtual instruments, effects, and other tools
  • Sing with others around the world in real-time
  • Join various singing competitions
  • Share your music with friends and family

Smule Alternatives


WeSing is a music streaming service that allows users to sing karaoke and record music. It provides millions of songs with lyrics, and you can sing solo or duet with other users from all over the world.

Both offer karaoke features that allow users to sing and record their own music.

WeSing has a more extensive library of songs and more powerful customization features.

Is WeSing a good alternative?


Starmaker is a one-stop destination for aspiring singers, songwriters, and music creators. With Starmaker, you can record and stream your music, write your own songs, collaborate with others, and even do karaoke.

Both have a social network that allows users to connect and interact with each other.

StarMaker has a larger library of songs and more advanced vocal effects.

Is Starmaker a good alternative?


Vocaloid is a revolutionary music technology that allows anyone to create realistic-sounding vocal performances from a computer. It's a powerful tool for producers, composers, and musicians alike, and its advanced technology makes it possible to create professional-quality vocal recordings without the need for a human singer.

Both allow users to create their own music using vocal synthesis technology.

Vocaloid has a more sophisticated synthesizer and allows for more complex sound design.

Is Vocaloid a good alternative?

Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party is a free karaoke machine for your party! Choose from thousands of songs, stream to any device, and make your event a hit!

Both offer a wide range of karaoke songs.

Karaoke Party has more powerful mixing and mastering features, as well as a broader selection of popular music.

Is Karaoke Party a good alternative?


Singa is a one-stop music streaming platform that enables artists, labels, and users to easily create, share, and connect. With Singa, users can curate and promote their music, discover new and upcoming artists, share songs and videos with friends, and directly engage with their fans.

Both offer karaoke-style singing and recording.

Singa has a more comprehensive library of songs and allows users to search by genre and tempo.

Is Singa a good alternative?

Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is a free software for Windows that enables users to easily create and play their own karaoke songs. It allows users to create songs from scratch and also to edit existing ones, customize the soundtracks and add effects. It also features an instrument library and a large selection of audio files.

Both have a large library of karaoke songs.

Karaoke 5 has more advanced sound mixing tools, as well as a built-in vocal effects processor.

Is Karaoke 5 a good alternative?

History of Smule

Smule is an online social music platform that was founded in 2008. It allows users to create and share their own music, collaborate on songs with other users, and discover new music. The app has grown exponentially since its launch, and now has millions of users around the world. It is known for its unique and innovative features such as the “Sing!” karaoke app, the “Duet” feature, and the “Jam” feature. Smule has also expanded to include other platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Echo, and Android Wear.

Smule Status

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  • I'm sure I'll find my singing soulmate on one of these sites.

    2023-02-04 19:57:33 ·
  • So many options to choose from! I'm overwhelmed and excited at the same time.

    2023-05-28 15:44:35 ·
  • I'm already excited to hear all the horrible singing on these sites!

    2023-07-23 03:58:09 ·
  • Who knew there were so many other sites to embarrass myself singing on?

    2024-01-17 00:50:02 ·
  • If you thought Smule was bad, just wait until you see what these other sites have to offer!

    2024-01-21 03:05:12 ·