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5 Alternatives to Shopping on QVC: The Best Websites for Quality Products at Affordable Prices

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-10 16:11:22

Are you looking for websites like QVC that offer the same great selection of products at competitive prices? Look no further! Here is a list of websites similar to QVC that are worth checking out for your shopping needs. From home decor to fashion to electronics, these websites offer a variety of products that are sure to meet your needs. Keep reading to discover more about these great alternatives to QVC!

QVC is an online shopping destination that offers a wide variety of products, including home goods, beauty, and electronics. Customers can shop for a variety of items, including kitchenware, home decor, beauty products, and electronics, all in one place.


  • Wide selection of products, including home goods, beauty, and electronics
  • Easy and secure checkout process
  • Special offers and discounts
  • QVC Plus membership for exclusive discounts and rewards
  • Easy returns and exchanges

QVC Alternatives


Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and provides a great selection of products and services, including books, movies, music, electronics, apparel, and much more.

Offers a wide selection of products, competitive prices, and customer service

Amazon has a more expansive product selection and a larger customer base

Is Amazon a good alternative?


eBay is the world's largest online marketplace, where people can buy and sell almost anything, including new and used items. With millions of items to choose from, eBay has something for everyone.

Offers a wide selection of products and competitive prices

eBay does not offer customer service and is an auction-style marketplace

Is eBay a good alternative?


Walmart is a global retail corporation that operates a chain of stores and e-commerce websites. It has a wide selection of products including groceries, clothing, electronics, home goods, toys, and more.

Offers a wide selection of products and competitive prices

Walmart does not offer the same level of customer service as QVC and does not feature live TV broadcasts

Is Walmart a good alternative?


HSN is a premier destination for thousands of unique products across a wide range of categories including Home, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Jewelry & Accessories, and more.

Offers a wide selection of products and customer service

HSN is an online-only store and does not offer the same level of live TV broadcasts as QVC

Is HSN a good alternative?

Overstock is an online retailer offering a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name merchandise and services at discount prices, including bedding, home decor, appliances, watches, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, clothing and shoes.

Offers a wide selection of products and competitive prices

Overstock does not offer customer service and does not feature live TV broadcasts

Is Overstock a good alternative?


Target is an iconic discount retailer offering a broad range of products, from clothing and electronics to home essentials and groceries. With a wide variety of items at low prices, Target has become one of the leading department stores in the United States.

Offers a wide selection of products and competitive prices

Target does not offer the same level of customer service as QVC and does not feature live TV broadcasts

Is Target a good alternative?


Jet is an online shopping destination that helps customers shop smarter. With a wide selection of products, exclusive deals, and free shipping on orders over $35, Jet makes online shopping easy and affordable.

Offers a wide selection of products and competitive prices

Jet does not offer customer service and does not feature live TV broadcasts

Is Jet a good alternative?

Ideal World

Ideal World is a shopping channel that offers a wide range of products from home and garden items to fashion and accessories, and electronics and technology. The channel also offers a live streaming service so customers can watch their favorite shows and shop from the comfort of their own home.

Both QVC and Ideal World are websites dedicated to selling products to their customers.

QVC specializes in home and fashion products while Ideal World focuses on beauty, health, and fitness items.

Is Ideal World a good alternative?


EVO is an online outdoor gear retailer that carries a variety of outdoor products from apparel, footwear, and accessories to bikes, snowboards, and skis. We strive to inspire and enable the evolution of the outdoor experience by connecting people with the gear and experiences they need to enjoy the outdoors.

Both QVC and EVO are online retail stores.

QVC specializes in home, fashion, and beauty products, while EVO focuses on outdoor lifestyle apparel and gear.

Is EVO a good alternative?

QVC Head-To-Head

When it comes to choosing the best website for online shopping, QVC stands out among the rest. QVC is a leading television and digital retailer known for its great selection of products, exemplary customer service, and fair pricing. In this head-to-head comparison, we will compare QVC with other popular websites. We'll examine each website's product selection, customer service, pricing, delivery options and more to help you decide which website is right for you.


QVC and Amazon are two of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world. Both websites offer a wide variety of products and services, allowing customers to shop conveniently from home. QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience, providing customers with an easy shopping experience with access to top brands. QVC offers exclusive deals on limited-time items, along with customer reviews and product videos to help shoppers make informed buying decisions. QVC also has a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases. Amazon is an online retail giant with over 12 million products available for sale, ranging from electronics to apparel. Customers can easily browse through Amazon’s vast selection of products, read customer reviews and watch product videos before making a purchase. Additionally, Amazon Prime members have access to free two-day shipping as well as streaming video, music and other benefits included in their membership fee. Both QVC and Amazon provide a convenient way for customers to shop from home but they have different strengths that appeal to different types of consumers.


QVC and HSN are both large home shopping networks that offer a wide variety of items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, beauty products and home décor. Both websites offer easy navigation to find the exact item you’re looking for. QVC offers free shipping on orders over $75 while HSN requires a minimum purchase of $25 to qualify for free shipping. QVC allows customers to search by price range, keyword or brand name while HSN has a more comprehensive list of filters including occasion, rating and color. On QVC, customers can set up an account for easier checkout and faster shipping, but HSN does not currently offer this option. QVC also provides weekly deals and discounts that allow customers to save even more money when shopping online.


QVC and Home Shopping Network (HSN) are both shopping websites that offer a wide variety of products from clothing to electronics. QVC has a Live Show format and an always-on Video On Demand service, which allows customers to watch the channel whenever they want. HSN also features a live show-style format with interactive hosts and viewers can access their product catalog through an app. Both websites offer customer reviews, ratings, and product information to help customers make informed decisions before they purchase. Additionally, QVC offers free shipping on orders over $25 while HSN offers free shipping on orders over $75.

Ideal World

QVC and Ideal World are both shopping websites that specialize in selling a variety of products, from clothing to electronics. While both sites offer a wide range of products, there are some differences between them. QVC is known for its focus on beauty and fashion items, while Ideal World is more focused on lifestyle products such as garden furniture and home appliances. In addition, QVC has a more comprehensive product selection than Ideal World. The site also offers its own brand of clothing and accessories which can be purchased through the website or through their mobile app. In terms of customer service, QVC provides free shipping and returns on most orders as well as live customer support via phone or chat. On the other hand, Ideal World offers free delivery on orders over £50 and provides customers with a wide range of payment options including PayPal and credit cards. Additionally, both websites feature exclusive promotional codes that can be used to save money when making purchases online. Overall, QVC and Ideal World are both excellent shopping websites that offer an extensive selection of products at competitive prices. While each website has different focuses in terms of product selection and customer service offerings, shoppers can find something for everyone at either site.


QVC and EVO are two websites that provide a wide variety of items for purchase. QVC offers products from home decor, electronics, fashion, beauty, jewelry and health & fitness. EVO specializes in outdoor sporting goods including skiing, snowboarding, biking and more. Both QVC and EVO feature several payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. They also offer free shipping on select items, as well as easy returns policies. QVC has an extensive customer service section with live chat support while EVO offers detailed product reviews from customers who have purchased the items they sell. In addition to this, both sites have user-friendly interfaces which allow customers to easily search and find the item they are looking for.

History of QVC

QVC is a shopping channel and website that has been around since the mid-1980s. It was originally started as a televised shopping network, selling products over the airwaves. After increasing its presence in the United States, it expanded globally, with a presence in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, amongst other countries. In recent years, QVC has become one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, offering a wide range of products that can be purchased online.

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