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10 Websites for Photographers Like Photography Life

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-07 00:30:51

Are you looking for a great website to help you brush up on your photography skills? Photography Life is a great source of tips, tutorials, and reviews for photographers of all levels. But if you're looking for more sites with similar content, here is a list of websites like Photography Life that offer excellent photography advice and resources.

Photography Life


Photography Life is an online magazine and photography website dedicated to photographers and photography enthusiasts. It provides reviews of the latest equipment, photography tutorials and news, to help photographers improve their skills and get the most out of their photography.

Photography Life Alternatives


PetaPixel is a blog dedicated to the world of digital photography, offering news, reviews, and inspiration to its readers.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

PetaPixel has more of an emphasis on industry news, while Photography Life has more of an emphasis on tutorials

Is PetaPixel a good alternative?

Photography Bay

Photography Bay is a website dedicated to helping photographers of all levels to improve their skills and equip them with the best gear for their needs. It offers reviews, tutorials, and other resources to help photographers make better decisions about the gear they use and to become better photographers.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Photography Bay offers more product reviews than Photography Life

Is Photography Bay a good alternative?


DPReview is a website and forum for digital camera reviews, buying advice and news. It is the largest digital camera review website in the world, offering in-depth reviews of digital cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Digital Photography Review has a much more in-depth analysis of camera models and lenses than Photography Life

Is DPReview a good alternative?

Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World is an online publication dedicated to inspiring and helping photographers improve their skills and knowledge. Every day, our team of experts bring you the best camera reviews, inspiring photography tips and how-tos, and the latest camera news and rumors.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Digital Camera World has more of a focus on photography techniques and how-tos than Photography Life

Is Digital Camera World a good alternative?


Fstoppers is a platform for photography and filmmaking professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with others. They offer tutorials, articles, and reviews on a wide range of topics related to photography and filmmaking.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Fstoppers offers more tutorials on professional photography techniques than Photography Life

Is Fstoppers a good alternative?


Shutterbug offers comprehensive reviews of the latest digital cameras, as well as photography tips and techniques to help you take better pictures.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Shutterbug has more of a focus on interviews with photographers and photographic equipment than Photography Life

Is Shutterbug a good alternative?

Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource is a comprehensive resource for digital camera reviews, news and photography. It provides up-to-date news and reviews on digital cameras, lenses and other photography gear, as well as an active community of photographers to interact with.

Focused on photography and imaging news, reviews, and tutorials

Imaging Resource has more comprehensive reviews of cameras and lenses than Photography Life

Is Imaging Resource a good alternative?

History of Photography Life

Photography Life is a website that provides reviews and resources for photographers. It was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted websites for photography enthusiasts. It offers a variety of articles, tutorials, reviews, and news related to photography, as well as a forum for photographers to discuss topics related to the art of photography. It also provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work and gain exposure.

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