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Top 7 Alternatives to OpenData for Accessing Open Source Data

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-29 18:48:31

Are you looking for similar websites to OpenData? If you’re a data enthusiast searching for open and free sources of data to explore, then this article is the perfect place to start. Here we’ll provide you with a list of the best similar websites like OpenData, so you can find the type of data you need. From sports data to census data, these websites will provide you with the data you need to conduct your research and projects.



OpenData is a free and open platform for sharing and managing data. It provides access to data from a variety of sources, including government, academic, and corporate databases. The platform enables users to search, explore, and visualize data, as well as access it in a variety of formats.


  • Access to data from multiple sources
  • Search, explore, and visualize data
  • Download data in various formats
  • Create and share visualizations

OpenData Alternatives is a platform for citizens to access open government data from the U.S. federal government. It provides access to hundreds of datasets from a variety of agencies and organizations, including the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Park Service, and more.

Both websites offer free datasets that can be accessed and used by the public.

OpenData has a larger selection of databases and more detailed search filters.

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Kaggle is a data science platform that provides users with access to datasets, competitions, and community resources for data analysis and machine learning.

Both websites provide access to free datasets.

Kaggle offers more datasets, but they are not as comprehensive as those provided by OpenData.

Is Kaggle a good alternative?
| is a social network for data scientists, analysts, and data creators. It enables collaboration around data, helping to explore, share, and discover insights faster.

Both websites offer datasets that can be accessed and used for analysis.

Data World offers a more user-friendly interface and allows users to create custom datasets.

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Google Public Data Explorer

Google Public Data Explorer is a free and easy-to-use data exploration and visualization tool that helps users understand, visualize, and explore data. It allows users to interact with and explore data from hundreds of public datasets, compare multiple data series, and customize charts with different display options.

Both websites provide access to datasets that can be used for research and analysis.

Google Public Data Explorer only provides access to limited datasets, while OpenData offers a more comprehensive selection.

Is Google Public Data Explorer a good alternative?
| is the home of open data from the UK government. It provides free and open access to data, allowing anyone to access and use the data.

Both websites offer open datasets that can be accessed and used by the public. is a UK-based website and has a smaller selection of datasets than OpenData.

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CKAN is an open source data management system designed to make it easier to publish, share, and use data. It offers powerful search, data management, and visualization capabilities, as well as an API for developers and data scientists to create powerful applications.

Both websites provide access to open datasets that can be used for research and analysis.

CKAN is an open source platform and offers a more comprehensive selection of datasets than OpenData.

Is CKAN a good alternative?


Quandl is a platform for financial and economic data that provides access to millions of datasets from hundreds of sources. It enables users to download and analyze financial and economic data in multiple formats, including tables, filters, and charts, as well as visualize it in any format for easy presentation.

Both websites offer access to a large selection of datasets that can be used for research and analysis.

Quandl has a more comprehensive selection of financial datasets than OpenData.

Is Quandl a good alternative?

Public Data

Public Data is a data analytics platform that provides users with comprehensive access to public data. It aggregates data from multiple sources, giving users access to data-driven insights to inform their decisions.

Both websites provide access to publicly available data.

OpenData provides structured open data from cities, while Public Data offers data from governments and non-profits.

Is Public Data a good alternative?

OpenData Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of OpenData and other websites. OpenData is a leading provider of open data resources, offering access to over 500 million public datasets from various sources across the world. It has become an invaluable source for businesses and academics looking to explore a wide range of topics, from economic trends to scientific research. In this article, we will compare OpenData with several other popular online data providers and offer insights into their advantages and limitations. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision about which website is best suited for your data needs.

Public Data

OpenData and Public Data are both cloud-based tools that offer users access to public data online. OpenData provides an automated solution for collecting, cleaning, and organizing up-to-date public data from a variety of sources. It also lets users create their own custom datasets and visualize the results. Public Data offers similar features but with a focus on big data analytics. It allows users to search for insights in large datasets, as well as design custom dashboards to view the insights in real-time. Both platforms let users filter, sort, and download datasets for offline use. Additionally, both OpenData and Public Data provide API integration with other applications like Excel and Google Sheets.

History of OpenData

OpenData is a website that was created to make data more accessible to the public. It was created with the goal of providing the public with access to information that was previously locked away in hard-to-find places. The website was created with the intention of being a hub for data to be shared and used by the public. OpenData has become a popular platform for data sharing, collaboration, and data analysis. It has also been used to help inform policy decisions and to help spread awareness of data-driven initiatives.


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