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7 Alternative Sites to Octopus Group for Online Surveys and Market Research

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-28 04:10:22

Are you looking for websites like Octopus Group? Octopus Group is an online platform that allows you to earn money by participating in surveys and other tasks. If you're looking for similar websites to make money online, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll share a list of the top websites like Octopus Group, so you can start making money right away!

Octopus Group


Octopus Group is a leading international venture capital and private equity firm, investing in businesses that have the potential to become market-leading companies. Our experienced team works with founders and management teams to help them realise their ambitions for rapid growth.


  • Experienced team with global reach
  • Comprehensive financial and operational support
  • Specialised sector expertise
  • Proven track record of successful investments

Octopus Group Alternatives


Crowdcube is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage, growing and public businesses raise capital from a network of investors.

Both Octopus Group and Crowdcube are equity crowdfunding platforms.

Crowdcube offers more investment opportunities, including venture capital and early-stage investments.

Is Crowdcube a good alternative?


Seedrs is an online platform that allows investors to access private investments in early-stage and growth businesses. As one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms, Seedrs makes it easy for investors to easily invest in startups and other businesses that are not listed on the stock exchange. Through Seedrs, investors can access a large variety of businesses and get in on the ground floor of some of the most promising companies.

Both Octopus Group and Seedrs are equity crowdfunding platforms.

Seedrs has a more international focus than Octopus Group, with investors from over 170 countries.

Is Seedrs a good alternative?

Funding Circle

Funding Circle is the UK’s no.1 small business loan provider. We offer fast, secure and competitive loans to businesses in the UK and US, helping them to grow and thrive.

Funding Circle and Octopus Group are both peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Funding Circle offers more services, including debt financing and invoice factoring.

Is Funding Circle a good alternative?
| is the world's largest professional network for startups, investors, and job seekers. It provides a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and job seekers to connect and collaborate.

AngelList and Octopus Group both offer equity crowdfunding.

AngelList is more focused on early-stage and startup investments than Octopus Group.

Is a good alternative?


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. From films, games, and music to art, design, and technology, Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

Both Kickstarter and Octopus Group are crowdfunding platforms.

Kickstarter focuses mainly on creative projects, while Octopus Group offers investment opportunities.

Is Kickstarter a good alternative?


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that enables people to raise money for creative projects. It has a global reach and provides access to millions of passionate backers.

Both Indiegogo and Octopus Group are crowdfunding platforms.

Indiegogo focuses mainly on creative projects, while Octopus Group offers investment opportunities.

Is Indiegogo a good alternative?


Fundable is an equity crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage and growth-focused small businesses raise capital from a network of individual, institutional, and corporate investors. The platform allows entrepreneurs to offer equity, rewards, and a combination of both in exchange for capital investments.

Both Fundable and Octopus Group are crowdfunding platforms.

Fundable focuses mainly on creative projects, while Octopus Group offers investment opportunities.

Is Fundable a good alternative?

History of Octopus Group

Octopus Group is a website that was founded in the early 2000s that focuses on providing financial advice and services to help people make better financial decisions. It has grown to become one of the leading financial services companies in the UK and has expanded to other countries around the world. It offers advice, guidance, and training to its customers, as well as a range of products and services to help them manage their finances.

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