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5 Alternatives to for Live Music Streams

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-15 04:14:45

Are you looking for a music streaming website similar to Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best sites like so you can find the perfect one for you. From streaming live concerts and artist-curated radio stations to downloading your favorite albums and tracks, these streaming services offer a wide range of features for music lovers of all kinds. Whether you're a fan of classic rock, hip-hop, jazz, or anything in between, there's sure to be an option that fits your needs. Keep reading to learn more about these top-rated music streaming websites!

588 is the premier live music streaming and download service for the music fan. With a library of over 14,000 official releases from hundreds of artists, provides a unique selection of live music experiences for fans of all genres.


  • Stream and download high-quality live recordings from hundreds of artists.
  • Access exclusive downloads from artists and festivals.
  • Customize playlists to fit your music tastes.
  • Purchase official recordings on CD and Vinyl. Alternatives


LivePhish is a streaming service from the popular band Phish. It offers fans the chance to listen to live recordings of Phish's concerts, as well as streaming of the band's official concerts.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

LivePhish focuses on the band Phish while offers a variety of artists

Is LivePhish a good alternative?


LiveDownloads is an online music and audio store where users can purchase and download music and audio files directly to their computer or device. With a selection of over 20 million songs, the store offers a wide variety of music from artists and labels worldwide.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

LiveDownloads focuses on jam bands while offers a variety of artists

Is LiveDownloads a good alternative?


LiveList is a platform for discovering, exploring, and sharing the best live streaming concerts and events from around the world. It allows users to explore upcoming shows and livestreams, join conversations, and follow their favorite artists and shows.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

LiveList focuses on streaming concerts from multiple genres while offers a variety of artists

Is LiveList a good alternative?

Concert Vault

Concert Vault is a streaming music service that provides access to the world’s greatest live concerts. With over 20,000 audio recordings and 5,000 videos, it is the largest collection of live concert recordings available for streaming and download.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

Concert Vault focuses on classic rock while offers a variety of artists

Is Concert Vault a good alternative?


Daytrotter is an online music publication dedicated to bringing an intimate look into some of the best and most influential music of our time. It features exclusive in-studio recordings and live sessions from various musicians, as well as interviews and reviews.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

Daytrotter focuses on indie music while offers a variety of artists

Is Daytrotter a good alternative?

Wolfgang's Vault

Wolfgang's Vault is a website that offers a wide selection of rare and hard to find live concert recordings and music memorabilia from the 1960s to present day. It features rare recordings from legendary concerts, classic vintage memorabilia, and more.

Both websites offer live recordings of concerts and music festivals

WolfGang's Vault focuses on classic rock while offers a variety of artists

Is Wolfgang's Vault a good alternative?


Deezer is a global music streaming service, developed and owned by the French company Blogmusik. It offers a wide variety of music, including a catalogue of over 53 million tracks, from both major and independent labels from all over the world.

Both and Deezer are streaming music platforms. focuses exclusively on live recordings, while Deezer offers both live and studio releases to its users.

Is Deezer a good alternative?


TIDAL is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial, expertly crafted by music journalists.

Both and TIDAL provide access to streaming music. offers live recordings of music, while TIDAL provides lossless audio quality for its streaming music.

Is TIDAL a good alternative?


Spotify is a music streaming service that provides access to over 50 million songs and provides users with a personalized music experience.

Both and Spotify offer streaming music services. offers live recordings of concerts, while Spotify does not.

Is Spotify a good alternative?
| Head-To-Head

Are you looking for a great platform to stream and download live music? is a popular website that provides access to thousands of live recordings from hundreds of artists. It's an amazing resource for discovering new music, but there are many other websites out there that offer similar services. In this article, we'll compare with some of the most popular streaming and download sites available to provide you with an informed overview of your options.
Deezer and Deezer are both streaming platforms that provide a wide variety of music and audio content to their users. While both websites have the same basic premise, they differ in several key ways. is an online platform that specializes in live recordings from concerts and other musical events featuring popular recording artists. It offers access to hundreds of thousands of tracks from over 10,000 live shows, as well as exclusive recordings from independent musicians and bands not available on other streaming services. The website also has a large catalog of official music videos and archival performances from established artists. In contrast, Deezer is more focused on providing access to recorded studio albums by famous artists, with millions of tracks available for streaming or downloading across various genres. It also offers curated playlists created by its team of experts, along with personalized recommendations based on users’ listening habits. Additionally, it has social features such as allowing users to follow each other's profiles and share their favorite songs on various platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Overall, while is great for music fans looking for the best live performance recordings, Deezer is better suited for those who want to explore a wide range of studio albums and discover new music through personalized suggestions made just for them.
TIDAL and TIDAL are both digital music streaming services that allow users to stream live concerts and studio recordings. is focused exclusively on live music, offering users access to thousands of full concerts from a broad range of artists. Many of these shows are available as downloads, or even as physical copies such as CD or vinyl albums. On the other hand, Tidal allows users to listen to millions of songs from various genres, including exclusive tracks and albums from top artists. In addition to providing streaming options, Tidal also offers video content such as artist interviews and music videos. Both services offer high-quality audio streaming with no ads or interruptions. However, is better suited for those who prefer listening to live music while TIDAL is a good choice for those who want access to a wide variety of studio recordings and exclusive material from top artists.
Spotify and Spotify are both streaming music websites, but have some distinct differences. is a streaming platform dedicated to live music, offering high quality recordings of live concerts from some of the world’s biggest artists and bands. Spotify focuses on recorded studio albums and singles, with curated playlists designed specifically for various listening needs. allows fans to listen to entire concerts in the order they were originally performed, creating an experience that mimics being at a concert without leaving the comfort of your own home. Spotify’s library consists of over 50 million songs along with podcasts, audiobooks and other audio recordings for users to listen to. does not provide podcasts or other audio recordings but does offer exclusive content like artist interviews and behind the scenes footage from festivals worldwide. Both websites are available via web browsers as well as mobile apps on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to stream music on the go wherever they might be.

History of is an official live music platform that was founded in the early 2000s. It provides fans with access to over 2 million recordings from over 15,000 artists and live music venues around the world. It also offers exclusive content, merchandise, and ticketing services. It has become a go-to source for fans of live music, offering an ever-growing catalog of live recordings. Status

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