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10 Alternative News Sources Like NewsNaira to Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest News

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-17 16:53:51

Are you looking for a NewsNaira alternative? With the rise of the internet, there are now many websites and platforms offering similar services to NewsNaira. Whether you’re looking for the latest news, entertainment, sports, or more, these websites offer great alternatives. Below is a list of the top similar websites like NewsNaira. From established websites to the latest in online news, this list has something for everyone.



NewsNaira is one of the top Nigerian news websites, providing recent news and updates on a wide range of topics. It covers breaking news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and more.


  • Live updates on Nigerian news stories
  • Comprehensive coverage of entertainment, sports, lifestyle, politics, business and more
  • Expert analysis and opinion pieces from leading journalists

NewsNaira Alternatives


Pulse is a social networking platform that connects content creators, influencers, and brands from around the world. It helps content creators and influencers to build their own networks and gain visibility and exposure for their content.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

Pulse Nigeria has more content related to lifestyle, entertainment, and sports

Is Pulse a good alternative?

Vanguard News

Vanguard News is a news and opinion website that offers comprehensive coverage of Nigeria, Africa, and the world. It provides news, analysis and opinion from a wide range of perspectives, from business and politics to sports and entertainment.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

Vanguard News is more focused on political news and current events

Is Vanguard News a good alternative?

Premium Times Nigeria

Premium Times Nigeria is a leading online news platform in Nigeria that provides reliable and unbiased news and information. It is committed to delivering accurate, timely and credible news to its readers.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

Premium Times is an investigative newspaper with a focus on corruption and social justice

Is Premium Times Nigeria a good alternative?

This Day

This Day is a leading African newspaper, providing exclusive news coverage from across the continent. This Day provides in-depth analysis of current affairs, politics, business, sport, culture and lifestyle, as well as Nigeria's leading business and financial reports.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

This Day is more focused on business, finance, and economics

Is This Day a good alternative?

The Guardian Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria is the leading source of Nigerian news, analysis and opinion, providing comprehensive coverage of news, business, sport, entertainment, and opinion from the country and around the world.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

The Guardian Nigeria is more focused on opinion and analysis

Is The Guardian Nigeria a good alternative?

Leadership Newspaper

Leadership Newspaper is Nigeria’s most authoritative news media available on all platforms for the political, business, professional and diplomatic elite and broader middle classes while serving as the melting pot for the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

Leadership Newspaper is more focused on politics, government, and public policy

Is Leadership Newspaper a good alternative?

Daily Post Nigeria

Daily Post Nigeria is a Nigerian news and entertainment platform. It provides up-to-date news, articles, and videos on Nigerian politics, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and more.

Both websites provide news stories from Nigeria

Daily Post Nigeria is more focused on local news and current events

Is Daily Post Nigeria a good alternative?

History of NewsNaira

NewsNaira is an online-based news and media platform founded in 2019. It covers a wide range of topics such as politics, business, entertainment, science, and technology and provides both national and international news. The website is updated daily and provides comprehensive coverage of current affairs and breaking news. It has quickly become a trusted source of news for many Nigerians.

NewsNaira Status

The NewsNaira website on online and reachable (last checked on 2024-06-18 01:00:38).

Last checked 2024-06-18 01:00:38.
Uptime overview of the past three days.
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    2023-03-07 05:25:55 ·
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    2023-06-13 21:21:35 ·
  • Who knew there were so many websites like NewsNaira?

    2023-10-03 06:41:59 ·
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    2023-10-17 18:49:02 ·
  • Ivy

    Now I have no excuse for not staying up to date on the news!

    2024-02-01 06:08:35 ·
  • Looks like NewsNaira has some serious competition now!

    2024-03-15 09:22:24 ·