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Discover Alternative Sites Like Meaww for Social News and Entertainment

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-04 12:29:35

Are you looking for websites similar to Meaww? Look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the top websites like Meaww that offer a great variety of content and news. From celebrity gossip to political news, these websites provide up-to-date, relevant and entertaining content that is sure to keep you informed. Whether you're looking for the latest stories, videos or podcasts, these websites have it all. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best alternatives to Meaww.



Meaww is a news and entertainment website that brings you the latest trending news and viral stories from around the world. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, and more.

Meaww Alternatives


Buzzfeed is an online media platform that covers news and entertainment topics, including movies, video games, politics, lifestyle, and more. It also features original content from its staff writers, as well as videos and quizzes.

Both Meaww and BuzzFeed offer a range of content, including entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and more.

BuzzFeed utilizes more video content, while Meaww focuses more on news articles.

Is Buzzfeed a good alternative?

The Guardian

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper, known for its progressive political stance and high-quality reporting. It offers a global edition, with reports from around the world, as well as a wide range of sport and opinion coverage.

Both The Guardian and Meaww offer news coverage from around the world.

The Guardian is more focused on news coverage, while Meaww covers a wider range of topics.

Is The Guardian a good alternative?


Mashable is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. From technology to culture and beyond, Mashable helps its readers navigate the digital landscape with its original content and sharp insights.

Mashable and Meaww both offer news and entertainment stories.

Mashable is more tech-oriented, while Meaww focuses on a wider range of topics.

Is Mashable a good alternative?

The Verge

The Verge is an online publication covering the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Founded in 2011, The Verge covers a broad range of topics, including reviews and news of the latest gadgets, tech trends, digital culture, and the world of the future.

Both The Verge and Meaww offer news stories covering a variety of topics.

The Verge is more focused on technology and science, while Meaww covers a wider range of topics.

Is The Verge a good alternative?


HuffPost is the leading source of news and commentary for the most diverse and connected generation ever. With its award-winning combination of original and curated content, HuffPost delivers a vibrant mix of breaking news, entertainment, lifestyle, and opinion from around the world.

Both HuffPost and Meaww offer a range of content, from news to lifestyle and entertainment.

HuffPost is more focused on opinion pieces, while Meaww focuses more on news.

Is HuffPost a good alternative?


Vox is an American news and opinion website owned by Vox Media. It provides news analysis and commentary across a range of topics including politics, business, technology, science, health and culture.

Vox and Meaww both offer news stories from around the world.

Vox is more focused on politics and policy, while Meaww has a wider range of topics.

Is Vox a good alternative?


VICE is an online magazine dedicated to providing a wide range of news and media content from around the world. VICE covers topics such as politics, culture, science, technology, music, art and lifestyle. It seeks to bring a unique and diverse perspective to the news and media landscape.

Both Vice and Meaww offer news stories and entertainment content.

Vice is more focused on culture and lifestyle, while Meaww covers a wider range of topics.

Is VICE a good alternative?

History of Meaww

Meaww is an online news and entertainment platform that was founded in 2013. It covers topics ranging from politics and news to entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. It provides content in the form of articles, videos, and images, as well as live streams. The website also hosts various online competitions and quizzes in order to engage users. Meaww has grown to be one of the largest online news and entertainment sources, with millions of visitors each month.

Meaww Status

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