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Top 7 Alternatives to for Online Classifieds Advertising

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-30 17:40:24

Are you looking for sites similar to Whether you’re searching for a new platform to buy and sell items or just want to explore different websites, this article has got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites like for you to check out, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

449 is a German online marketplace and classifieds website. It offers a wide range of products and services such as cars, furniture, electronics, clothes, real estate and more. The website also allows users to post free ads, search for products and services in their local area, and communicate with other users.


  • Browse and search a wide range of products and services
  • Post free ads
  • Communicate with other users
  • Find deals in your local area Alternatives

eBay Kleinanzeigen

eBay Kleinanzeigen is an online classifieds platform where users can post, buy, and sell items locally. It offers a wide selection of items ranging from electronics, furniture, and appliances, to cars, boats, and other vehicles.

Both websites allow users to post classified ads and search for items.

eBay Kleinanzeigen has a more modern design and offers a wider range of categories to search.

Is eBay Kleinanzeigen a good alternative?


Quoka is one of the leading free classifieds in Germany. It allows users to buy and sell products and services, find jobs, and more.

Both websites have a large selection of classified ads available to browse.

Quoka offers additional features such as a chat system and a price comparison tool.

Is Quoka a good alternative?


KaufDA is an online platform that helps shoppers save money by providing access to special discounts and deals from local stores. The website offers users a variety of ways to find the best deals including access to special coupons, up-to-date information on upcoming sales, and notifications of special offers.

Both websites allow users to post and search for classified ads.

KaufDA is more focused on local classified ads, while covers a wider range of topics.

Is KaufDA a good alternative?


Kijiji is an online classifieds and community website, where users can post and browse classifieds ads in their local area. It is free to use, with a wide range of categories and subcategories to choose from.

Both websites allow users to post and search for classified ads.

Kijiji offers additional features such as a chat system and a price comparison tool.

Is Kijiji a good alternative?


willhaben is a free online marketplace for Austria and the largest of its kind in the country. It provides a platform for Austrians to buy and sell items from new and used items, real estate and cars to services, job offers and more.

Both websites allow users to post and search for classified ads.

Willhaben focuses primarily on Austrian classifieds, while offers listings from all over the world.

Is willhaben a good alternative?
| is the largest online marketplace for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles in Germany. With over 2.5 million vehicles listed, is the largest automotive marketplace in Europe and provides an online platform for private and professional buyers to purchase and sell their vehicles.

Both websites allow users to post and search for classified ads. specializes in cars and car-related items, while covers a wider range of topics.

Is a good alternative?


Gumtree is a local classifieds and online marketplace where you can buy and sell items, services and more.

Both websites allow users to post and search for classified ads.

Gumtree has a more modern design and offers additional features such as a chat system and a price comparison tool.

Is Gumtree a good alternative?
| Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of with other websites. is a German classifieds site that allows users to buy, sell and exchange goods and services without the hassle of traditional methods like auctions or newspaper ads. The site has become increasingly popular among Germans, as it offers an easy way to find what they need quickly and efficiently. In this comparison, we will look at how stacks up against other classifieds sites in terms of features, user experience, pricing, and more. We'll also provide an overview of the pros and cons associated with each website so you can decide which one best meets your needs. Thanks for reading!
eBay Kleinanzeigen

? and eBay Kleinanzeigen are two of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling goods in Germany. Both sites offer a wide variety of products from local merchants and individuals, making it easy to find what you need. However, there are some differences between them that may make one more suitable for your needs than the other. offers a large selection of goods from all over Germany, with an emphasis on items from specific regions and cities. It is also possible to search for items based on price range or condition, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Additionally, allows buyers to negotiate prices with sellers directly, which could potentially save you money. On the other hand, eBay Kleinanzeigen is best known as an auction site where users can bid on goods in real time rather than having to negotiate prices with individual sellers directly like on It also has a much more limited selection compared to but is still comprehensive enough to find almost anything you might be looking for. Additionally, eBay Kleinanzeigen offers more protection when it comes to buyer/seller transactions since they handle payments through their own secure methods and offer buyer protection in case something goes wrong with the transaction process itself.

History of is a German online classifieds platform that was founded in the late 1990s. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading online classifieds websites in Germany, with millions of listings and millions of users. It is renowned for its large selection of products, its easy-to-navigate website and its user-friendly interface. Status

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