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Exploring Alternatives to Kalakaar India: A Comprehensive List of Similar Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-23 21:51:04

Are you looking for a website like Kalakaar India, but with a slightly different focus? Do you want to explore websites with a similar mission and purpose? This article will provide a list of similar websites like Kalakaar India, each with its own unique twist. From online marketplaces to talent discovery platforms, these websites offer a diverse range of services, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect fit for your needs. So, let's take a look at the list and explore the exciting possibilities that these websites offer.

Kalakaar India


Kalakaar India is an online marketplace for art & crafts by Indian artisans. We bring you an array of unique, handmade and handcrafted products made by traditional artisans from all over India.


  • Wide selection of handmade art & crafts from all over India
  • Secure and easy online payments
  • Quality Assurance - all products pass through a quality check before delivery
  • Customizable products - customize products according to your specifications
  • Free shipping & Cash on Delivery

Kalakaar India Alternatives


Craftsvilla is a leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform that sells latest ethnic wear, accessories, and more. It offers a wide range of unique, designer and traditional products that are sourced from all over India.

Both websites offer handcrafted products from India.

Craftsvilla has more product options than Kalakaar India.

Is Craftsvilla a good alternative?

India Circus

India Circus is an online store offering all kinds of home decor, furniture, furnishings, clothing, accessories and gifts. It has a wide range of products from traditional, contemporary and modern designs. It also gives customers the option to customize their own products, allowing them to add their own personal touch to their purchases.

Both websites offer unique, handmade items from India.

India Circus offers apparel, accessories, and home decor, while Kalakaar India focuses on art and sculptures.

Is India Circus a good alternative?

Indigo Creatives

Indigo Creatives is a web design and development company that specializes in creating custom logos, websites, and other creative designs. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality, visually appealing, and unique designs that accurately reflect their brand and business.

Both websites offer handmade products from India.

Indigo Creatives offers home decor and furniture, while Kalakaar India focuses on art and sculptures.

Is Indigo Creatives a good alternative?

The Artisan Store

The Artisan Store is an online marketplace for artisan-made goods from around the world. Shop from a curated selection of unique and handmade products from small-scale producers and makers.

Both websites offer handmade products from India.

The Artisan Store offers apparel, jewelry, and home decor, while Kalakaar India focuses on art and sculptures.

Is The Artisan Store a good alternative?

Indian Art Ideas

Indian Art Ideas is an online shopping portal for Indian handicrafts and artifacts. We provide a wide range of traditional and contemporary art and craft items from across the country. We feature a range of products from regional styles, craft techniques, and local artisans.

Both websites offer handmade products from India.

Indian Art Ideas offers art and sculptures, while Kalakaar India offers a wider range of art and sculptures.

Is Indian Art Ideas a good alternative?

Tribe By Amrapali

Tribe by Amrapali is a one-of-a-kind online jewellery store that offers you exclusive, handcrafted Indian designer jewellery. With its unique collection of necklaces, earrings, bangles and more, Tribe by Amrapali provides you with a range of classic and contemporary designs to add a touch of glamour to your look.

Both websites offer handmade products from India.

Tribe by Amrapali offers jewelry, while Kalakaar India focuses on art and sculptures.

Is Tribe By Amrapali a good alternative?

Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is an ethical fashion brand that is committed to using sustainable and ethical methods to create fashion-forward apparel for women that is both stylish and affordable. Our clothes are designed with the environment, our workers, and our customers in mind.

Both websites offer handmade products from India.

Tribe Alive offers apparel and accessories, while Kalakaar India focuses on art and sculptures.

Is Tribe Alive a good alternative?

History of Kalakaar India

Kalakaar India was established in 2018 as an online platform to promote the works of Indian artists. It is a platform that provides an opportunity to Indian artists to showcase their art and reach out to a wider audience. It helps in connecting the Indian art community and encourages collaboration among them. The website also offers a range of services such as art curation and art consultation.


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