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Exploring Alternatives: A List of Websites Similar to Fintel

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-18 03:59:25

Are you familiar with Fintel, the website that helps you to track the financial performance of your company? If you're looking for similar websites to use, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be exploring a list of websites that provide similar services to Fintel. From tracking stock performance to managing your company's financials, these websites are designed to make your financial life easier. Read on to learn more about the top sites like Fintel.



Fintel is a financial intelligence platform that provides automated solutions to help compliance teams with the detection, investigation and resolution of financial crime.

Fintel Alternatives


ValueMags is a subscription service that makes it easy to get the magazines you love. We offer subscriptions to a variety of popular magazines, including health, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. With ValueMags, you can easily buy, renew, or gift a magazine subscription online.

Both offer free financial intelligence and insights.

ValueMags offers a more personalized experience with tailored insights and advice.

Is ValueMags a good alternative?

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a website that provides up-to-date financial news and stock quotes. The platform provides users with access to a wide range of financial data, analysis tools, and news.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

Yahoo! Finance does not offer personalized advice like Fintel does.

Is Yahoo Finance a good alternative?


Bloomberg is an online news and information service providing business, financial and economic news, stock quotes, and analysis. It is one of the most trusted sources for real-time financial market news, data and analysis.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

Bloomberg is more expensive than Fintel and does not offer personalized advice.

Is Bloomberg a good alternative?


Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our mission is to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. We offer an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and institutional investors in the private capital markets.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

Morningstar is more expensive than Fintel and does not offer personalized advice.

Is Morningstar a good alternative?


Investopedia is an online resource for financial education and advice. It offers a comprehensive range of useful information and tools, including investing tutorials, calculators, financial news and market data, research and analysis, and more.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

Investopedia does not offer personalized advice like Fintel does.

Is Investopedia a good alternative?


MarketWatch provides the latest stock market, financial and business news. Get stock market quotes, personal finance advice, company news and more.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

MarketWatch does not offer personalized advice like Fintel does.

Is MarketWatch a good alternative?

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced content service for financial markets. It offers news, analysis and opinion on stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other financial instruments.

Both provide financial news, stock market data, and analysis.

Seeking Alpha does not offer personalized advice like Fintel does.

Is Seeking Alpha a good alternative?


Finviz is a financial visualization platform that equips investors and traders with stock market analysis tools to stay ahead of the market. It features a wide range of data-driven tools such as stock screening, heat maps, charting, and more.

Both Fintel and Finviz are financial intelligence websites designed to help users make informed stock market decisions.

Fintel offers a data-driven approach to uncovering news and trends, while Finviz provides a visual interface with interactive charts and graphs.

Is Finviz a good alternative?


WhaleWisdom is the premier source for 13F investing, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and data to help investors identify and track potential opportunities in the 13F filings of major institutional investors.

Both websites provide investors with detailed information about stocks, such as current prices and financials.

Fintel focuses more on the fundamental analysis of stocks, while WhaleWisdom provides more in-depth technical analysis.

Is WhaleWisdom a good alternative?

Fintel Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Fintel with other websites! Fintel is one of the leading financial tracking and analysis platforms available today. It offers an intuitive user experience, powerful data insights, and a wide range of features that make it an essential tool for investors, researchers, and analysts. Here we'll be taking a look at how Fintel compares to other websites in terms of features, usability, customer support, and overall value for money. We'll also be exploring the pros and cons of each option so you can decide which website is best for your needs. So let's get started!


Fintel and Finviz are both websites that provide financial data for investors, including stock quotes and analysis. Fintel is a website focused on helping users make better investment decisions through their use of data and analytics. It offers an array of features such as screening tools, portfolio tracking, and real-time data updates. Finviz is a web-based platform that provides access to timely market information, stock quotes, charts, news, and technical analysis. It also offers a variety of tools such as heat maps, performance rating systems, sector comparison tools, and stock ratings. Both sites provide comprehensive yet user-friendly financial data to help investors make informed decisions. However, Fintel stands out with its advanced analytics abilities while Finviz is more geared towards beginner investors with its intuitive user interface.


Fintel and WhaleWisdom are both websites that offer tools to help users manage their investments. Fintel provides an easy-to-use portfolio tracker that allows users to monitor their investments in real time. It also provides alerts for events like earnings releases, dividend payouts, or stock splits. WhaleWisdom offers a comprehensive database of 13F filings from institutional investors such as mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension funds. Users can use this data to analyze the holdings of large institutions and gain insight into how they are investing their money. Both websites offer market news and insights to help users make informed decisions about their investments. They also provide research tools such as screening capabilities and advanced charting options. The main difference between Fintel and WhaleWisdom is that Fintel is designed for individual investors while WhaleWisdom is geared towards professional investors such as hedge fund managers or financial advisors.

History of Fintel

Fintel is a financial technology and analytics platform that has been providing services since 2013. It was designed to provide a comprehensive view of financial data and analytics for individuals, businesses, and organizations. The platform was created to make financial data more transparent and accessible for all users. It has since become a popular tool for personal finance management, financial planning, and analytics.


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