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6 Alternatives to Cleo: Other Money Management Apps to Help You Manage Your Finances

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-14 04:05:43

Are you looking for websites like Cleo that offer you smart, automated money management tools? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be going over a list of alternatives to Cleo that can help you manage your finances. From budgeting tools to investment advice, these websites can help you make informed decisions about your money and get your finances in order. So, read on to discover the best Cleo alternatives for managing your money.

Cleo is an AI-powered money assistant that helps you manage your finances. It tracks your spending, helps you save money, and provides personalized advice to help you make better financial decisions.


  • Automated budgeting and tracking of spending
  • Personalized savings suggestions
  • AI-powered financial advice
  • Connects to bank accounts and credit cards
  • Integration with other financial services
  • Automated bill reminders

Cleo Alternatives


Penny is an automated investing application that makes it easy for anyone to start investing with as little as $1. It allows users to invest in stocks, ETFs and funds, with no commission or minimum balance.

Both Cleo and Penny are mobile-based budgeting and financial management apps.

Penny offers a savings account, while Cleo does not. Penny also provides more detailed budgeting and finance tracking tools.

Is Penny a good alternative?


PocketSmith is an online financial management service that helps you get a better understanding of your finances. It offers users an easy to use budgeting tool and other features to help them manage their money.

Both Cleo and PocketSmith are comprehensive budgeting and financial management tools.

PocketSmith offers a more in-depth budgeting experience, with features such as budget forecasting and automatic budgeting updates.

Is PocketSmith a good alternative?


Mint is a personal finance website that helps you manage your money and budget. It provides you with a comprehensive view of your finances in one place, including spending, bills, investments, and more.

Both Cleo and Mint are personal finance management apps.

Mint offers more detailed financial advice and investment tracking, while Cleo provides only basic budgeting and expense tracking.

Is Mint a good alternative?

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free financial management platform that enables users to make smarter financial decisions and track their finances in one place. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of their financial situation, including net worth, investments, retirement goals, and cash flow.

Both Cleo and Personal Capital offer budgeting and financial management tools.

Personal Capital provides more in-depth investment tracking tools, as well as access to financial advisors.

Is Personal Capital a good alternative?


Goodbudget is a financial planning app that simplifies budgeting, tracking expenses, and managing finances. It utilizes the "envelope system" to help manage your money, giving you the ability to easily set budgets, track expenses, and save for the future.

Both Cleo and Goodbudget provide budgeting and expense tracking features.

Goodbudget offers a more comprehensive budgeting experience, with features such as envelope budgeting and shared budgeting.

Is Goodbudget a good alternative?

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB is a budgeting software that helps you gain control of your finances and save more money. It is designed to help you make decisions about how to plan and track spending, set goals, and organize finances.

Both Cleo and You Need A Budget help users manage their finances.

You Need A Budget provides more detailed budgeting and expense tracking tools, as well as access to financial coaches.

Is YNAB (You Need A Budget) a good alternative?

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free online budgeting and money management tool that helps you track your finances, view all your accounts in one place, and understand where your money is going.

Both Cleo and Money Dashboard are personal finance management apps.

Money Dashboard offers more detailed budgeting and tracking features, as well as access to advisors.

Is Money Dashboard a good alternative?


Albert is an automated financial advice and insights platform that helps you make smarter financial decisions, reduce debt and plan for retirement. It provides personalized advice, insights and actionable recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals.

Both websites offer users financial tools to help manage their money.

Cleo is an AI chatbot which offers users personalized advice while Albert provides automated financial services.

Is Albert a good alternative?


Empower is a FinTech app that helps investors make smarter decisions with their money. With Empower, you can create personalized portfolios, track your investments, and get insights into the markets.

Both Cleo and Empower are websites that help users achieve financial freedom.

Cleo is an AI-based chatbot while Empower is a mobile app that offers budgeting features.

Is Empower a good alternative?

Cleo Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Cleo with other websites! We will be exploring the key features and differences between Cleo and a few popular websites to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs. We will be looking at ease of use, cost, customer support, security, and overall user experience. So read on to learn more about the unique benefits each website offers!


Cleo and Albert are two innovative financial management tools that provide users with the ability to easily track their spending, schedule payments, and set savings goals. Both websites offer a variety of features to help users stay on top of their finances. The Cleo website allows users to connect their bank accounts and view a real-time breakdown of income and expenses. It also offers budgeting advice, financial insights, and an AI-powered chatbot for support. Additionally, Cleo enables users to automate recurring payments like rent or bills and set up automated deposits into savings accounts. Albert provides similar features to Cleo but also helps users save money by providing daily recommendations tailored to their financial goals. The website offers weekly spending reports that allow users to analyze where they are spending their money so they can make adjustments if needed. Additionally, Albert has an option for automatic investments that can be adjusted based on the user’s financial situation. In conclusion, both Cleo and Albert are excellent options for those looking for an easy way to manage their finances. While the features offered by each platform may vary slightly in detail, they essentially offer the same basic suite of tools: connecting bank accounts, tracking income/expenses/savings, scheduling auto-payments and analyzing spending habits/recommending savings opportunities.


Cleo and Empower are two personal finance apps that help people manage their finances. Cleo is an AI-powered chatbot that offers budgeting, saving, and tracking features. It also provides automatic bill payments and notifications about upcoming bills. On the other hand, Empower is a digital banking app with an intuitive user interface that offers personalized account insights and automated money management tools. Both apps offer budgeting tools to help users track their expenses, set up financial goals, and monitor their progress towards those goals. Additionally, they both provide secure access to bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial products. However, Cleo's AI-powered chatbot allows for a more conversational experience when managing finances than Empower does. Ultimately, both apps offer useful features to help users take control of their finances, but they do have slight differences in terms of user experience.


Cleo and Mint are both personal finance websites which can help users to track their income, spending, budget and investments. Cleo is a mobile app which connects to users' bank accounts in order to provide analytics about their finances. It also includes a chatbot which can answer questions about financial topics. Mint is an online platform that helps users to manage their money by tracking spending, creating budgets and setting financial goals. It offers automated saving options as well as the ability to view all of one's accounts in one place. Both websites have mobile apps and offer free budgeting tools and personalized advice. However, Cleo has more features geared towards helping users stay on top of their bills while Mint provides more comprehensive investment tracking options.

History of Cleo

Cleo is an online money management tool founded in 2015. The service provides users with an effortless way to manage their finances and budget, as well as offering features such as saving goals and bank balances. It has since grown to become a popular financial tool with over 1 million users.

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