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7 Alternatives to AudioTag for Identifying Unknown Music Tracks

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-01 17:19:46

Are you looking for similar websites like AudioTag? AudioTag is a great website for identifying songs as well as discovering new music. But if you want to explore other websites that offer similar services, this list has got you covered. Here are some of the best alternatives to AudioTag that you can use to identify music and discover new tunes.



AudioTag is an online music recognition and tagging tool that helps identify music tracks by analyzing short audio samples. It uses acoustic fingerprinting and a custom-built machine learning algorithm to identify songs and provide detailed information about them, including artist, album, genre and release year.


  • Music Recognition and Tagging
  • Acoustic Fingerprinting
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Detailed Information on Tracks

AudioTag Alternatives


Discontinued Music Analysis
AudioIdentifier is an audio recognition website that helps you to identify music and audio. It can quickly recognize over 400 million music and audio tracks from various online sources.

Both websites provide audio recognition services.

AudioIdentifier offers more detailed information about the track, including the title, artist, album, genre, and release year.

Is AudioIdentifier a good alternative?


Shazam is an app that helps you identify music playing around you. With one tap, it can recognize songs, TV shows, movies, and more to give you the perfect soundtrack to your life.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

Shazam has a mobile app that allows users to identify songs on the go.

Is Shazam a good alternative?


SoundHound is an app that listens and identifies music playing around you. With a single tap, you can identify music playing and search for lyrics, share song information, listen to full tracks, and even buy music.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

SoundHound offers a wider range of music genres and more detailed information about the track.

Is SoundHound a good alternative?


TuneFinder is a powerful music search engine that helps you find the music you are looking for faster and easier by searching through millions of music tracks from top sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and more.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

TuneFinder offers more detailed information about the track, including the composer, publisher, and release date.

Is TuneFinder a good alternative?


Musipedia is an online music encyclopedia that allows users to search for musical pieces by humming or singing. It is interactive and easy to use, and features a unique song recognition algorithm that helps users find the exact piece they are searching for.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

Musipedia has a larger library of music and offers more options for searching for a track.

Is Musipedia a good alternative?


ACRCloud is a comprehensive platform for audio recognition and monitoring. It enables developers to build applications that can recognize and identify recorded music, live audio streams and even videos. ACRCloud supports a variety of audio formats and is capable of recognizing over 200 million songs from various sources, including radio, TV, streaming services, social networks and other user generated content.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

ACRCloud offers a more comprehensive set of features, including audio analysis, fingerprinting, and music recognition.

Is ACRCloud a good alternative?


MusicBrainz is an open source music database that enables users to search for and edit metadata about music. It contains information about hundreds of thousands of artists, albums, and tracks, as well as information about genres, labels, and more.

Both websites offer audio recognition services.

MusicBrainz has a larger database of music and more detailed information about the track.

Is MusicBrainz a good alternative?

History of AudioTag

AudioTag is a website that was launched in 2013 as an online platform dedicated to helping people identify songs and other audio files. The website allows users to upload short snippets of audio and receive information on the title, artist, and album associated with the audio. Since its launch, AudioTag has become one of the most popular online audio identification services, with millions of users accessing the website each month.

AudioTag Status

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