Q: What does this site do?
A: This site helps you find similar, related, or alternative websites. We do this better than any other websites. Our goal is to present users with exact results they are looking for.

Q: How does this site work?
A: We collect and combine information about websites from many sources including the site itself. The search engine generates a list of websites based on the similarity of topics and categories. We are constantly crawling the Web to find new popular sites to provide users with fresh results.

Q: How are search results ranked?
A: Over time, we learned how to balance the following factors when computing similarity score: similarity in topics, website popularity, language and country match, user suggestions and ratings. We are constantly re-evaluating our scoring formula to save users' time by placing the most relevant results on top.

Q: How do I submit a site?
A: Just enter the URL of your site into the search box. If the site is not already in our database, it will be queued for indexing. We index websites based topics. Although, we automatically extract topics from your site, you can also add topics to your site by clicking "add topics" in the search result page.

Q: Why are results poor sometimes?
A: Poor results are typically caused by not having enough information about a website. We suggest you to add topics, which could significantly improve the quality of search results.

Q: What is the purpose of "thumb up" and "thumb down" buttons?
A: If you like a website you can vote for it with "thumb up" button. The website will be moved to the top of your search result. Our search engine will consider your vote when it ranks the websites. Therefore, your vote could influence what others see. You will also have your personalized search result.

Q: How to suggest a similar website?
A: If you know a similar website but it is not displayed in the result, you can suggest a similar website by typing in the URL. Our search engine will take your suggestions into consideration.

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Privacy Policy:
We do not require you to register an account to use this service. However, we do collect the data that are sent from your browser which may include IP address and referring URL. We use this information for statistical analysis and we do this without identifying you individually. The purpose of statistical analysis is to understand how our service is being used and to improve our product to serve you better.

We don't censor search results and the results may not be accurate. We are also not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this site. Use this site at your own risk.